Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Beauty Diet Update

After what feels like ages, I finally have some more beauty diet empties. Four of them, including a concealer!  I can't believe I finished a concealer! In the whole time I've been wearing make-up (around 20 years) I've only ever finished two concealers. I'm now going to try to finish a mineral powder foundation, I figure if I can finish a concealer I should be able to finish a powder foundation.

And now for the tally:
Finished - 18
Purchased - 6
Number of products I'm allowed to buy - 6 

I haven't made any purchases this month and I don't have any planned for the near future, which I'm pretty pleased about. 

Vita has finished her Beauty Diet now, you can read her last post on her blog. Sophie and Norlin are still going, so check their blogs to see how they are doing.  

Hopefully I'll have a few more empties to post about soon, I'm working on a gloss and a primer that are very close to being finished.  

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