Thursday, 2 October 2014

Dear Eljay

My precious son. Today you are fourteen months old! It seems like such a whirlwind. You're developing a really strong personality, you have such a gorgeous character. 

I'm delighted that you are such a happy little boy, always running around and playing. You are very curious and love to explore. Being outside is one of your favourite things to do, as soon as you wake up you ask to go outside. If it was up to you we'd spend all day outside, no matter what the weather. 

We've moved your cot away from the bed so you are sleeping a little more independently. The first week you were waking up constantly but I think you prefer sleeping on your own, in fact I think you'd prefer to be in your own room instead of in my room. 

At the moment you are all about stacking things and putting lids on things. If I try to give you something from a container you are more interested in the container than you are the food. You'll spend ages putting the lid on and taking it off again. 

Your favourite game is rolling around on the bed. I throw you on the bed and roll you around and you love it. You've got to the stage where you want everything your brother has, so we're having to buy two of everything. I thought it'd take a little longer to get to that stage but it didn't.

My beautiful boy. You are such a delight, I love being your mum and am so glad that you chose me. You and Chai are my greatest treasures.   

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