Friday, 31 October 2014

FFS Friday - Tell me something

When Chai was little he loved being carried in the Ergo baby and I rarely used the pram. Eljay is the opposite, he loves the pram and doesn't like the carrier. This wouldn't be a problem if we hadn't run over our pram. FFS.

Yes, you read that right, we ran over the pram. FFS.

Thankfully Eljay wasn't in it at the time. Not FFS.

Tiger had put the pram in the garage whilst he went out to pick up a fish tank and when he got back home he drove straight into the pram. FFS.

Thankfully he only damaged one of the wheels. FFS.

We didn't think it'd be a big deal to get a replacement wheel, but we forgot that we live in the country now. FFS.

The replacement wheel is going to take at least two weeks to arrive. FFS.

Meanwhile I have no pram. FFS.

Think I'll just stay home for the next two weeks. FFS.

Thank goodness for online shopping. Not FFS.

Speaking of two weeks, that's also how long it's going to take to get spare keys for our house. FFS.

We have lockwood keys so we can't just go and get them cut, they have to be ordered from lockwood. FFS.

Too bad if we need them in a hurry. FFS.

This week I once again made the mistake of thinking that I can have nice things. FFS.

I got some stemless wine glasses.  

We used them once and as I was washing them I dropped one and it smashed. FFS.

I contemplated crying about it but it seemed like too much effort so I didn't bother. FFS.

I should have known better than to think I could have something nice. FFS.

Not sure if I mentioned it but Eljay has been giving me hell lately. FFS.

He's not sleeping, he wants to be held all the time and he cries constantly. FFS.

I had no idea what the problem was until Tiger notice he was getting molars through! FFS.

He only has two teeth on the bottom and his canines aren't through so I didn't even consider he could be teething. FFS.

I'd been worried about his teeth and considering taking him to the Dr because he hasn't had any teeth come through for around three months. FFS.

I'm still considering taking him to the Dr to make sure that the rest of his teeth are under his gums. FFS.

My crazy mind has decided that he doesn't have teeth and that's why he hasn't been teething. FFS.

See, these are the musings of a crazy mind. FFS.

Or perhaps it's just sleep deprivation, who knows. FFS.

Mum has reassured me that some children get their teeth out of order and it's nothing to worry about. Not FFS.

She also told me that these children seem to really suffer when they are teething. FFS.

My poor baby. FFS.

That concludes my weekly whinge. If you've had any FFS worthy moments tell me all about them. Alternately, if you've had any awesome moments, tell me about them too. Or just tell me something funny. Or not funny. I'm not fussy. Just tell me something. 

Have a beautiful weekend.

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