Monday, 3 February 2014

All Mummied Out

I'm so sick of being a parent at the moment. I want a break. I need a break. I just want a few hours where I can be me. I want to go to the toilet without an audience. Have a shower without a child under my feet. Get dressed and put on my make-up at my leisure. I want to eat a meal in peace, whilst it's still warm and eat the whole thing myself without losing half of it to a toddler who a few minutes ago told me he wasn't hungry and didn't want anything to eat and when presented with exactly the same thing that I was eating, refused it.

I want to sit down without having a child climbing on me, sleep alone with no-one kicking me, do the food shopping without two screaming children. I want to clean the house and for it to stay tidy for more than five minutes. I want to do a kickboxing class. I want to study so that I can get a job when the kids are at school. I want to wear clean clothes that aren't infused with vomit, saliva, wee, snot and whatever food the kids have been eating. 

I want to be me again instead of being Mum all the time. 

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