Wednesday, 19 February 2014

1 Skin Solution Bath and Shower Crystals

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When I was getting my hospital bag ready for the birth of Eljay, I purchased a great travel pack from 1 Skin Solution that contained the Bath and Shower Crystals, a Lime Thyme Body Wash and Vanilla Bean Body Cream along with a free vanilla lip balm. All for the bargain price of $19.50!

The Bath and Shower Crystals smell amazing, they have a gorgeous fresh lime and lavender scent. This is a really unique product in that it starts off as a scrub but then when rubbed in it dissolves a little and is very hydrating. I used it as a scrubby body wash (mainly on my wobbly bits) and really liked it. 

I haven't tried using these as bath crystals but I'm sure they'd be amazing because they smell so lovely. 
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1 Skin Solution says: When you have a busy lifestyle it's hard to put aside large amounts of 'me time' but you can turn your everyday bath or shower into a luxurious daily escape with our invigorating bath and shower crystals. Use them as an exfoliating body scrub in the shower, or as bath crystals as you relax in a well deserved hot tub. Soothe and invigorate your senses at the same time with essential oils of relaxing lavender and invigorating lime. These sea salt, brown sugar and magnesium crystals are incorporated with emollient oil and designed to moisturize, exfoliate and nourish your skin, leaving your skin looking healthy and you feeling fabulous. 

You can purchase the travel pack here or a full sized tub here. The full sized (400 gram) tub costs $34.65.

Ingredients: sea salt, magnesium sulphate, brown sugar, capric/caprylic triglyceride, lime oil, lavender oil. 

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