Wednesday, 12 February 2014

2014 Beauty Diet - Update and Use it or Lose it

I finally have a product to count for the beauty diet! It's a toss and not an empty, but after discussing it with Vita and Norlin, I'm going to count it towards my Beauty Diet tally. As Norlin pointed out, the purpose of the Beauty Diet is to finish what needs to be finished and get rid of the products that I don't like. There is no point hoarding products that I'll never use.

So with all that, behold my first product for the Beauty Diet!
I've been using this for for about three weeks now and I just don't like it. I used it a while ago, didn't like it so tossed it in the cupboard and moved on to something else. I know most people rave about it, but it doesn't work for me. It makes my skin look awful, old and horrible. Maybe the people who it works for are younger than me, because on my skin it looks terrible. So terrible that I couldn't bring myself to finish the bottle, even though I really wanted to. I tried mixing it with moisturiser, using primer underneath etc and it made no difference so out it goes. 

I still haven't done a stash clean out, I'll be doing that soon and I know that will yield some great results. I can think of at least four products I'll be getting rid of. Even so, I still won't be going crazy buying new products, I'll only buy off my (extensive) wishlist. The two products that I'm planning on buying are one of the new YSL Gloss Volupte's and an Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush when they are released here. Even if I toss out more that three products, I only plan to buy these two things at the moment. 

Tossing out my Healthy Mix Serum gave me the idea of adding a Use It or Lose It part into the Beauty Diet. When I do my stash clear out I'm going to put aside the products I am unsure about, use them for a few weeks and if I don't like them, out they'll go. 

When I do my stash clean out and have my Use It or Lose It pile sorted I'll do another post. 

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  1. I'm so waiting forward to the Use It Or Lose It post! I think you've well and truly tried to make that foundation work and it just wasn't going to happen - absolutely the right justification for losing it from your collection. Much better to have fewer things you genuinely love and use!


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