Monday, 24 February 2014

2014 Beauty Diet - The Great Cull

Slowly but surely I'm going through and culling my collection. It is years overdue and I have a lot of things to go through, so it's going to take me a while. I'm trying to be as ruthless as I can, so once I've finished my first round of culling I'll go through everything again and do another cull. I'm comparing everything to my favourite products and if I don't love something, out it goes. Products I'm not sure about are going into my Use it or Lose it pile and if there is something I'm really on the fence about I'm asking Tiger's opinion. If he doesn't tell me he loves it, out it goes. 

Behold the first part of my cull. I've been going through my lip products as they make up the majority of my collection. A lot of them have gone into the Use it or Lose it pile, but I've also found a few that I'm going to either give away or throw out. 

What you see here are 23 products that I'm going to get rid of!

I haven't gone through my whole collection yet. I opened one train case and realised that the entire train case will go into my Use it or Lose it pile, so I'm leaving that until I get through my current Use it or Lose it pile.

This is my Use it or Lose it pile. As you can see, it's rather large!
De-stashing has been quite satisfying, I'm really enjoying going through my collection and having an honest look at what I will and won't use. Getting down to a manageable collection of products I love and use regularly is going to be such a great feeling. 

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