Monday, 14 October 2013

September Empties

September has been another great month for empties. It just goes to show how quickly I can use things up if I use them all the time instead of swapping and changing all the time.

L'Oreal EverPure Moisture shampoo and conditioner - I got one use out of these so it's impossible to say if they were good or not. They didn't suck, that's about all I can say.

Swisspers Cucumber Facial Cleansing Wipes - I've spoken about these before so I won't go on, other than to say they're really good and I'll buy them again.

Priceline Round Cotton Pads - A constant repurchase.
Natio Ageless Advanced Lifting and Firming Serum - This is supposed to target fine lines, moisturise and firm. It did a good job of moisturising but made no difference to my fine lines. This is a light, quickly absorbed serum that was pleasant to use. I wouldn't purchase it again, not because there was anything wrong with it, but because I'd prefer to use a serum with more active ingredients.

The Jojoba Company Hydrating Day Cream - I really like this and will buy it again. It's a great, hydrating moisturiser for winter. This kept my skin feeling soft during the freezing cold winter we've had here. I wouldn't recommend it for combination or oily skinned people as it would be too hydrating.The only negative is that it doesn't contain sunscreen. 

Palmolive Lime and Mint Foaming Hand Wash - I've repurchased this countless times because I love the scent and it isn't drying.

Did you know that you can reuse the bottle and create your own foaming product? You just pour a little bit of soap, cleanser etc into the bottle then fill the rest up with water and you've converted your product into a foaming version. I usually fill the bottle with 1/4 product to 3/4 water.

Clarins Extra-Firming Day Cream - I can't really give an opinion on this because I only had a few uses left in it. I'd been using it a while ago then lost it in one of the moves, then found it again last month so used it up.

Dior Capture Totale - Meh.
Crabtree and Evelyn Citron Hand Therapy - I got this free with a magazine and it's the first Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream I've tried. It certainly won't be the last because it's lovely.

Ophelia's Apothecary Cappuccino lip balm - All my regular readers will know that I love these balms. They are the perfect, deeply hydrating winter lip balm. I've only got two left now so will be placing another order soon.

Pantene Prov-V Single Dose Intensive Treatment Programme - There's not really much to say about this. It does what it's supposed to.

Philosophy Living Grace perfume - I love all the Philosophy perfumes.

Emergin C Multi Fruit Cleanser - Another product I got one use out of. I really don't know why companies bother with single use samples, they really aren't enough to tell if you like a product or not.

Cacherel Liberte perfume - I didn't really like this, it reminds me of something my mum would wear.
The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter - This range is a chocoholics heaven. I've repurchased most of this range time and time again.

Dr Bronner's Hemp Rose pure castile soap - I paid $9.95 for this and it was worth every cent because it lasted me for ages. It's a very liquid, runny soap so I only used a small amount each time. It felt like I was using this for at least six months. It'd be perfect to turn into a foaming product due to the runny consistency.

Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser - I love this cleanser and am now onto my third bottle.
Clarins liquid eyeliner - I'm tossing this one out as it just didn't work for me. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get a smooth, consistent line with it, which is a real shame as it's super long lasting and waterproof.

Make Up Forever Pearly Waterproof Eyeliner pencil - I'm tossing this one because the colour just doesn't work for me. I've had it sitting in my collection for years, at least eight years. Now that I'm getting tougher with the products I keep, this one had to go.

L'Oreal Smoky eyeliner in Mystic Grey - I don't remember the proper name for this, it's their new smoky one and it's amazing. It's so soft and easy to use, but once it's applied it stays in place all day. I'll definitely repurchase this next time it's on sale at Priceline.

Ardell Taupe Brow Pencil - Love this pencil. It had gotten to the stage where I couldn't sharpen it anymore so I'm calling it empty. I've already bought another one.

Natio Tinted Moisturiser - I'm tossing this one because it's too dark for me and makes me look awful.
A lovely pile of empties. 

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