Friday, 4 October 2013

FFS Friday - I'm God, or good, or neither

You may have noticed there was no FFS Friday post last week. If you didn't, carry on, there is nothing interesting to see here. If you did notice, it's because my computer is broken. FFS.

When I turn it on I get a message saying that one of the fans is broken and that the computer is going to switch off. FFS.

I rang the computer shop who told me that they don't fix fans but they can back up all my data for me. FFS.

They went on to tell me that I will have to buy a new computer. FFS.

It's not even two years old. FFS.

I called my brother who said that of course they can change the fan and that he'll fix it for me when he gets home. Not FFS.

Now I just have to wait for him to get home. FFS.

I tried to fix it myself but I can't even get the back off the computer. FFS.

Last week in honour of Tiger getting home I decided to put on my 'fancy' pj's. The fact that I have 'fancy' pj's is a bit sad. FFS.

I put them on, Tiger got home and before he even had time to notice them Tiger had spilled medicine all over them and then Eljay spewed on them twice. FFS.

Don't know why I bothered. FFS.

We've been dog sitting my brothers dog for the last week. The first day we had him I opened the front door and the dog went running. FFS.

Thankfully he wasn't very fast so I caught him at the house two doors down. FFS.

My poor little Chai had hand, foot and mouth disease last week. FFS.

He was so sick and miserable, it was awful. He couldn't even open his mouth or swallow. FFS.

Trying to keep him away from Eljay was very difficult because he loves to kiss and cuddle him. FFS.

Once Chai started getting better I discovered that he is a true male. FFS.

He had the toddler version of man flu. FFS.

Imagine a 2 1/2 year old whinging constantly for three days. FFS.

That's what he did. It was a bloody nightmare. FFS.

Strangely enough he'd only whinge when it was convenient to him and over things that hadn't bothered him a few minutes earlier. FFS.

For instance, when he was eating chocolate his mouth wasn't hurting, but when he finished eating the chocolate and had to get his nappy changed, his mouth was hurting. FFS.

Hilariously, Tiger constantly referred to it as Foot in Mouth disease. Hahahahahaha.

He'd only just got over it when the PIL's arrived. FFS.

What is it they say about no rest for the wicked? That's fine, but if I have been so wicked I wish I could at least remember it cause I'm sure it would have been lots of fun. FFS.

If I remembered the wickedness at least I'd be able to remember it fondly during times of duress. FFS.

Having no memory of my wickedness is just cruel. FFS.

My mobile phone has a language all of it's own. FFS.

The auto correct gives me the most inappropriate words. FFS.

Lately it's been switching good for God. This means I am constantly telling people I'm God, when I really mean to say I'm good. FFS.

Technically neither of those statements are true anyhow, so I should just stop saying it. FFS.

Dear Baby G

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