Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wishlist Wednesday

A Wet n Wild palette - I see these on blogs all the time, they get so many raves and are so pretty. 
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NYX Butter Gloss - The last thing I need is a new lip gloss, especially considering I rarely wear lip gloss these days, but these are flavoured and that gets me every time!
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Glasshouse Tahaa hand cream and soap - Tahaa is my favourite candle scent and they've now bought out other products in the range. I looked for them last time we were in Perth but they weren't available yet. 
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Neal's Yard Remedies - All of the products look and sound amazing, however I'm particularly lusting after the Rose range. I love anything that's rose scented and I'm sure these products would be lovely.
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Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion + - This is the new formula just released. I don't like the original formula, but the new formula contains hyaluronic acid, urea and glycerin, so I'm really interested to try it and see what it's like. It's very reasonably priced, only $29 for 50ml or $49 for 125ml.

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