Monday, 29 July 2013

July Favourites

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Dusk Mood Diffuser - I had a cheap $20 diffuser that I bought from Target about a year ago, it lasted 2 months then died. I've thought about buying another one for ages but was so unimpressed with the Target one that I didn't bother. For some reason (I blame pregnancy), I got the urge to have a nice smelling house so went and spent $90.00 on a Dusk one and it's bloody amazing. My Target one would only run for about 45 minutes before it ran out of water, so it was pretty useless. The Dusk version runs for over 8 hours!

1 Skin Solution Almond Biscotti Lip Butter - I've always loved my 1 Skin Solution Lip Butters, but have fallen in love with Almond Biscotti lately. When I placed an order for goodies to go in my hospital bag Raylene sent me the reformulated lip butters, telling me they were better than the original version. I didn't see how that could be possible but she was right (of course), the reformulated version is amazing. They are so smooth and creamy. Almond Biscotti is a gorgeous, nude colour with a heavenly taste, I've been wearing it constantly since I got it. 
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Audra James Nipple Balm - I regularly get dry, flaky patches on my eyes that hang around for weeks and just won't go away. I got them a few weeks ago and as usual nothing was getting rid of them so when my nipple balm arrived I put a bit of it on the dry patches. Within two days they were totally gone. Magic. 
Swisspers Spa Face Wipes - I've been super lazy and using face wipes to remove my make-up. My all time favourite wipes are WotNot, however the Swisspers Spa wipes are nearly as good as the WotNot wipes and as an added bonus they are coloured, which makes them way cooler. The first packet I had was pink and the ones I'm using now are yellow. That makes me like them so much more. 
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Weleda Skin Food - My winter skin loves this, it's so hydrating and can be used all over. I've been using this as a night cream and dry spot treatment. 

Designer Brands Raspberry lip pencil and Maybelline Juciy Bubblegum lipstick - I love this lip combo, it's a beautiful pink that's not too bright so appropriate to wear during the day and brighten my face making me look alive when I feel totally exhausted. Case in point, in the photo below I was totally exhausted.

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