Friday, 12 July 2013

FFS Friday - Karen takes over

Today's FFS Friday is courtesy of my beautiful friend Karen. I have plenty to whinge about this week but can't be bothered writing it all down, so it will have to wait till next week.

Over to Karen.

Last week I was in the supermarket when a delightful little person slammed a trolley into the back of my feet. FFS! 

The Mother, of said little person, didn't even notice he had done it. FFS! 

Why on earth would any person let a 3 year old control a trolley in a supermarket? FFS! 

I checked my feet to find a big gash out of my left foot. FFS! 

I am a Diabetic, meaning it's crucially important to look after my hands and feet and avoid cuts due to the risk of infection. FFS! 

The following morning I had puss oozing out of the cut on my foot. FFS!

I spent ninety dollars on an appointment with my G.P. FFS! 

He told me I had an infection in my foot! FFS! 

He also told me I should take better care of my feet and avoid cuts of any kind because I am a high risk for infection because I am Diabetic. FFS! 

He gave me a prescription for antibiotics. FFS! 

On the way to the Pharmacy I realised that the script he had given me was for a type of antibiotic I am not allowed to take. FFS! 

I phoned the Doctor's surgery to inform them of the mistake only to be told my Doctor had left for the day and wouldn't be in the day after either. FFS! 

Three days later I got the appropriate medication. Not FFS! 

My foot was already healing without it after having used good old salty water to bathe my foot. Again Not FFS! 

My last point meant that going to the Doctor and the entire above mentioned debacle was a complete waste of time and money. FFS!

I went out for dinner this week. It was horrendous. FFS! 

This place is one of my favourite places to eat in Hobart. I go there often and have never had a bad experience before. This time I got bad food, bad service and my fellow diners were the most uncivilised pack of Neanderthals I've encountered this year! FFS! 

It took two hours for my entree to arrive after ordering. FFS! 

When the entree arrived it was cold. FFS! 

By this time I was almost entering a Diabetic coma because my blood sugars were so low. FFS! 

We had to leave the restaurant to get fast access to food to prevent a Diabetic coma. FFS! 

The restaurant made us pay for the bad entrees we had received and for the mains we never received. FFS! 

We won't ever be going back there again! FFS!

I have two 3 year old Maltese Dogs. They are the great loves of my life. Not FFS! 

The little girl Molly is a total diva in every sense of the word. She is tiny and extremely spoiled. This week she decided she was going on a bowel motion strike. FFS! 

She will not EVER do her business within our yard. I have to walk her around the neighbourhood toting doggy waste bags for her to do her business on someone else's lawn. FFS! 

Our neighbours are extremely fastidious about the presentation of their properties. FFS! 

They do not appreciate dogs doing their business on their nature strips, even if I do pick it up. FFS! 

After 5 entire days walking tiny Molly for what seemed like miles in the freezing thick frost there was still no bowel motion. FFS! 

In a mild panic that Molly was going to suffer a bowel obstruction I made an emergency appointment with the vet. FFS! 

I travelled 80 kilometres to my vet with Molly. FFS! 

We pull up at the vet and I get her out and walk her to a small patch of lawn to do "wee wee". Molly decided at this very moment to dispose of her business she'd been holding onto for 5 days. FFS! 

Upon seeing the vet he told me the problem was obviously now resolved but that's an $80 consultation fee thank you very much. FFS!

My Cousin has been going through a really rough time recently. FFS! 

She said she would never have made it through such a difficult time without my love and support. Not FFS! 

She bought my Diabetic self a thank you gift for having been so amazing, 12 macaroons and a big box of chocolates. FFS!

The local vagrants have taken a shine to me. FFS! 

It seems they think I'm a walking ATM. FFS! 

They chase me around the city asking for "spare change". FFS! 

After handing over $5 a vagrant decided to ask me for $20 more so he can get accommodation for the week. FFS! 

Not taking my refusal for $20 more well he then asks me for my Chanel sunglasses so he can "hock" them to get money for accommodation for the week. FFS!

My name is Karen and I'm a shopaholic. FFS! 

I'm a beauty junkie who has more junk than any one person could use in several lifetimes. FFS! 

I am currently attempting to save money for a European Holiday later in the year. Not FFS! 

I am failing dismally. FFS!

I am addicted to You Tube beauty videos. Those Beauty Gurus who get sponsored to promote products are not good for my bank balance. FFS! 

Because I have decided to boycott buying things that Beauty Gurus promote I decided to order myself a new bottle of Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille, Tocca Cleopatra and Stella Perfumes and some Soap and Glory products from Mecca Maxima. FFS!

 What? I said I was Boycotting things Beauty Gurus are promoting, I haven't heard any promote those products recently. FFS! 

My Mecca Maxima order was $469. FFS!

My neighbour keeps lighting fires in their back yard. FFS! 

They don't do the neighbourly thing and  let us know they will be lighting fires to burn excess garden waste. FFS! 

I always have washing on the line when they light their fires. FFS! The washing always ends up stinking to high heaven of smoke. FFS! 

I always have to redo my washing. FFS! 

They didn't find it amusing when I launched my 7 year old God Son up a ladder with the hose to extinguish their fire. FFS! I thought it was hilarious. They think I'm the Devil. FFS! 

I think they're Neanderthals.

The above mentioned neighbours have about ten dogs. I love Dogs. However they let their four legged friends run riot and I have had to rescue them many times from being hit by cars. FFS! 

The dogs feel it is their duty to poop all over my driveway. FFS! 

The neighbours never ever clean it up. FFS! 

Naturally the only option I have is to scoop the poop onto a shovel and launch it back over the hedge into the neighbours yard. FFS!

The neighbours sent their little girl over with a dozen eggs. I thought they were making peace with me. Not FFS! The little girl charged me $10 FFS! 

 I felt bad so gave her the $10. I opened the eggs and they were covered in chicken poop. FFS! 

I've decided to dob the neighbours in to the local council for having too many dogs on the premises!

If you have made it this far, well done! Clearly I am a bitter twisted thirty five year old with too much time on her hands. That's my whinge for the week. Let me know in the comments if you want to move in next door to me.

Anissa = I'd move in next door to you any day Karen (mainly so I could raid your make-up and perfume stash, hehe).

Dear Baby G

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