Friday, 23 November 2012

FFS Friday - The Mental Hospital Edition

Friday! We've survived another week unscathed, wonder of wonders. 

No longer satisfied with spitting water and milk or pooing and weeing all over the floor, Chai has decided to up the ante. FFS.

He's now realised that he can make himself spew, so vomits all over the floor just for fun. FFS.

I have no idea how to deal with this. FFS.

I figure that he's doing it for a reaction so I just ignore it. FFS.

Someone help me! If he's like this at 20 months what's he's going to be like when he's older? FFS.

I might just admit myself to the mental hospital now, it'll save time later. FFS.

If only I could drink. FFS.

Monday morning hubby was in a stink cause he's tired of working a 13 day fortnight. He mentioned that he's sick of not having any time to himself, to which I replied "time to yourself, what's that?"
Stupid man responded with "I don't get three hours to myself every day like you do, I only get 40 minutes." FFS.

Men truly have no idea. FFS.

Sure, Chai sleeps for three hours, however I have to go in there at least two times to resettle him and I spend the rest of the time preparing dinner, doing housework, paying bills and all those other exciting things that housewives do. Not what I'd call time to myself. FFS.

Lucky for hubby I had Chai in my arms so was unable to strangle him. FFS.

Chai's headbutting has continued and I have no idea what to do about it. FFS.

He headbutts all the time and if he can't headbutt me he'll headbutt the nearest hard surface. FFS.

He does it so hard that he hurts himself and then starts crying. FFS.

If any of you have advice on how I can deal with this, please let me know!

Monday Chai woke up from his nap after only two hours. FFS.

I was exhausted and in no state to deal with him so desperately tried to get him back to sleep. I realised it was a lost cause when he started punching himself in the head. FFS.

Tuesday all of the inconsiderate people where at the playground at the same time as Chai and I. FFS.

First there was they lady and her daughter who hogged the baby swing for 45 minutes despite being aware that other children wanted a turn. FFS.

Then there were the parents of bullies who watched their children be mean to the other children and didn't do anything about it until I told off one of them and yelled at another one. FFS.

Interestingly as soon as they saw me yelling at the little monster who was trying to punch Chai in the face, they took their children and left. Not FFS.

I don't understand why you'd stand there watching your child be mean to or try to hurt another child and not do anything about it! FFS.

Surely they can't think it's okay for kids to push and punch other children? FFS.

We got a letter from our insurance company this week. They've cancelled hubby's life and income protection insurance as he failed to disclose medical details from one Dr's visit back in 1997. FFS.

How the hell do they reasonably expect him to remember each Dr's visit? FFS.

I rang our insurance guy to get it sorted out and he's no longer with the company. FFS.

Yesterday Telstra rang up trying to get me to change my home phone and foxtel to them. FFS.

I told the guy that they can't beat the deal that I have because they've tried before. He told me to be quiet and listen to him for 30 seconds. FFS.

I hung up. FFS.

Way to go Telstra. If you want people to switch to your network, try being polite to them, not giving them attitude. FFS.

Then he kept on ringing back, as if I was going to be stupid enough to answer. FFS.

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend! We have another home open tomorrow, hopefully someone will buy the house and it will be the last one. I live in hope!

Dear Baby G

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