Friday, 2 November 2012

FFS Friday - The Olympic Edition

It's Friday! I'm a little disappointed that it's Friday as I was convinced today was Saturday, then I remembered it was FFS Friday and that cheered me up.

Sunday afternoon Chai was very whingey. FFS.

This isn't like him and we thought he might be in pain as he has teeth coming through again. FFS.

Hubby decided to give him some pain relief but Chai didn't want it, so hubby squirted it down the back of his throat. FFS.

Chai got really upset so I was cuddling him when he power spewed all over me. Twice. FFS.

I am now convinced he's making up for not spewing on me for the first 12 months of his life. FFS.

He has also decided that he wants a new Mummy so is trying to knock me off. FFS.

He's headbutted me twice and pulled the toy box lid down on my head so far. FFS.

My hayfever has been driving me crazy this week. FFS.

I'm so tempted to take some drugs. FFS.

Chai has been all upset this week thanks to his canine teeth coming through. FFS.

He's been waking up at night and taking an hour to get back to sleep. FFS.

My knee that I injured in Bali in June is still sore. FFS.
Last week I had acupuncture on it and it is so much better. I wish I'd had acupuncture ages ago. FFS.

Hubby organised a lotto syndicate at work for the $70 million drawer. They spent $197 on tickets and didn't win a cent. FFS.

I asked the guy at the newsagent for a refund of the $197 and he thought I was joking. FFS.

I wasn't joking. FFS.

Just for a change (not) I did the washing this week. Hubby wanted to know why there was only one of his socks and was giving me a very accusing look as if I'd deliberately lost one of his precious, $13 a pair, bamboo socks. FFS.

Turns out the reason there was only one sock was because he hadn't managed to get the other sock in the wash, it was down the back of the washing basket. FFS.

The tryouts for the Olympic Whingeing Team are currently underway. I know this because hubby has been whingeing for Australia every chance he gets. FFS.

It's got to the point where I don't want to speak to him on the phone cause all he does is whinge. FFS.

It's not like I can just switch off whilst he's whingeing because he expects a response to each complaint, and he then spends ages telling me why my solution wouldn't work. FFS.

I've just spent 15 minutes listening to him whinge about how he doesn't get any time to himself. FFS.

Cause I get so much time to myself. FFS.

And that is the end of my whinge for the week. Have a beautiful weekend!

Dear Baby G

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