Friday, 16 November 2012

FFS Friday - The Clay Ear Edition

Friday! I've been so confused this week. Hubby had Saturday off then went back to work Sunday, so I've been a day ahead of myself all week. Then he got sick and had Tuesday to Thursday off work, by which time I had no idea what day it was. FFS.

Both Chai and I have been sick this week. Chai's had an upset stomach with a cold and I have a cold. FFS.

Hubby came down with Man Flu too. FFS.

I tried to get him to stay home from work Tuesday but he wouldn't. FFS.

He came home at 11am cause he was so sick. FFS.

Last Friday in my sleep deprived zombiehood I was trying to comment on some blogs. It took me six goes to get the captcha right on PP's blog. FFS.

Undeterred I then went on to comment on Sarah's blog. I edited my comment three times and still didn't say what I wanted to so gave up. FFS.  

Once again Chai has been spewing all over me. FFS.

Twice this week. FFS.

He has been spewing way too often for my liking. FFS.

My Dr says that it's probably because he's had mucous dripping down the back of his throat and he can't cough it up. FFS.

We had to get him to do a wee sample to make sure he didn't have a urinary tract infection. Thankfully he loves weeing on the floor so it was pretty easy. FFS.

Poor little man is now on antibiotics as he has a chest infection. FFS.

Amazingly it hasn't slowed him down at all. FFS.

Tuesday night in my cold induced daze I was in the shower using a clay face mask when I decided I'd use the mask on my hair as well. FFS.

(Incidentally, if you have never tried using a clay mask on your hair, try it, it's great for deep cleansing

After smearing mud all over my hair I decided to go all out and cover my whole head with the mask. As you do. FFS.

I'm still digging clay out of my ears. FFS.

Wednesday it was time for Chai's monthly visit to the chiropractor. She saw we were sick so decided to try invoking Mummy Guilt. FFS.

First she commented that "he has a lot of falls." FFS.

He's 20 months old and he's had four falls! FFS.

Then she told me that it's been proven that it takes two years for a toddler's body to recover from antibiotics. FFS.

She said that because of this he will need extra probiotics and I'll have to take extra care with him. FFS.

Like I don't already! FFS.

Luckily I was immune to her efforts and think she's full of shit. FFS.

Chai has now started deliberately headbutting me when he doesn't get his way. FFS.

I am half horrified and half impressed by this. FFS.

I know I'm going to be one of those parents that the teachers hate because if they tell me my son has been hitting bullies I'll congratulate him for a job well done. FFS.

We've now signed up with a new real estate agent and are having a home open this weekend. FFS.

This means that the cleaning has started again. FFS.

I hastily cleaned the windows on Thursday and then realised I'd done a totally crap job so had to do them all again. FFS.

Over the weekend we realised that despite it being fixed three times now, hubbys car is still leaking. FFS.

We took it back to the mechanic on Wednesday. FFS.

Thursday afternoon they said it was fixed so hubby went to pick it up. He felt the floor and it was wet. FFS.

The mechanic told him that he hasn't taken any of the panels off around where it's leaking! FFS.

So now they still have the car and I have no transport. Great. FFS.

Have a great weekend! And if you are having a bad day be grateful that you aren't the man we saw last night, running down the street yelling and punching himself in the head.

Dear Baby G

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