Friday, 9 November 2012

FFS Friday - The Epic Whinge Edition

You may have noticed that today's post is late. It's been one of those weeks and today has really topped it off. Thank goodness the week is nearly done. Prepare yourself for an epic whinge, I have a lot to complain about this week. FFS.

As I've mentioned, we are selling our house. FFS.

We originally signed up with our estate agent in July and he made all these promises to us. When it came time to sell the house, he reneged on those promises. FFS.

In the end we got rid of him as we didn't trust him anymore. FFS.

Unfortunately we still have to pay for advertising and other expenses, so there goes $1,000. FFS.

Last Friday morning Chai and I were heading out for a while. First stop was the post office. It'd been raining so there were puddles that Chai loves to play in. I always let him, he gets a little bit wet but nothing too bad and the post office is usually our last stop so if he gets really wet it doesn't matter. For the first time ever, he decided to lay face down in the middle of a puddle. FFS.

Naturally he got soaking wet and we had to go home so that I could change him. FFS.

Tuesday hubby decided to get his parents down "to help out". FFS.

No matter how many times I tell him that they don't help, he doesn't get it. FFS.

When they come down it just means that I have them to look after as well as Chai. FFS.

Mornings are when I could do with some help as I'm not a morning person and Chai wakes up around 5.30am, however MIL doesn't get out of bed before 10am and FIL just sits in the lounge room doing nothing. FFS.

This time they managed to be quite helpful, which was great. Not FFS.

Wednesday morning we all headed to the shopping centre so I could do some shopping and we could take Chai to rhyme time. I did the shopping whilst the PILs looked after Chai. As I was taking the shopping to the car I heard Chai crying. FFS.

Chai had done a huge spew all over himself and the pram. FFS.

The spew was that big that even his bum was wet, he was absolutely soaked, so we went home. FFS.

He then developed a fever and spent the rest of the day and night sleeping, on me. FFS.

A few weeks ago we got hubbys car fixed as it was leaking. It rained on the weekend and we realised that it's still leaking. FFS.

This meant that I had to take the car back to the mechanic and catch the bus home, in the rain, with Chai. FFS.

Then I had to repeat the process to pick up the car. FFS.

When hubby got home he realised that there was a bit sticking out of the door and the car was still leaking. FFS.

I took the car back on Thursday (with my still sick baby). FFS.

They fixed the door and couldn't find a leak. FFS.

When I went back to pick up the car Chai and I caught the bus. I had Chai on my back in his carrier. I went to get off the bus and realised that one of the straps was stuck down the side of the seat and I couldn't get it unstuck. FFS.

Thanks to the help of three lovely Brazillians I managed to get the strap unstuck and we got off the bus. FFS.

When hubby got home and checked out the car he discovered that the door knob was broken. FFS.

I've refused to take the car back again. FFS.

Chai has continued his campaign of parental abuse this week. FFS.

He's ramped up the headbutting and managed to headbutt me right in the mouth so I had a fat lip for three days. Nice. FFS.

I think this may be his way of retaliating for all the times I've nearly killed him. That'll learn me. FFS. 

Remember all the issues we've had with Hubby's phone? It's continuing! FFS.

He has now decided that he hates his phone and so last night bought a new one. FFS.

We went out when he got home from work. I told him he'd have to be quick because Chai would need to go to bed. When we got to the shopping centre he dawdled around then decided he wanted to sit down for tea. FFS.

Unsurprisingly Chai was exhausted so started screaming hysterically. Hubby couldn't understand why. FFS.

We got take away and took Chai to the playground to have a run around whilst we ate our tea, then we headed to the phone shop. It took bloody ages. FFS.

The new phone takes a smaller sim card so they cut his sim card down without transferring all the phone numbers onto it. FFS.

Now we have to manually transfer all the phone numbers to the new phone. FFS. 

By we I mean me, because hubby doesn't know how to set his phone up. I spent an hour setting it up last night and I still haven't finished. FFS.

This morning has been one of those days where I wish I could have stayed in bed. FFS.

Chai hasn't slept well for a few weeks now because he's teething and pain killers aren't helping. FFS.

He's awake three times every night and for one of those times he's awake for at least an hour and up to three hours. FFS.

I'm not tired anymore, I am a zombie. FFS.

Last night he was up three times and the third time was for an hour and a half. FFS.

As per usual Chai woke up at 5.15am. FFS.

By 6am he was whingey and I wasn't in the mood so decided we'd get dressed, stop at the coffee shop then go to the playground. The car park at the beach was full when we got there at 7am. FFS.

I got a parking spot and we went to the coffee shop. Not FFS.

I got a babycino for Chai and he proceeded to cover us both with it. FFS.

We'd been out of the house for less than ten minutes and were both covered in chocolate. FFS.

We headed to the playground and Chai wanted to walk, so I let him. Big mistake. FFS.

We got to some stairs so I tried to pick Chai up but he managed to escape me. I told him to stop but he didn't and fell head first down four concrete stairs. FFS.

Thankfully Mum is here now, so hopefully both Chai and I will survive the rest of today. FFS.

Dear Baby G
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