Friday, 17 August 2012

FFS Friday

Feck, I'm so behind this week, I'm only just starting my post on Thursday night. Usually I start my post the previous Friday morning. I think the paint fumes have addled my few remaining brain cells. FFS.

My blog has been very neglected lately, I'm finding it difficult to get any blogging time. FFS.

Sunday I was determined to get some blog posts scheduled so when bub went to sleep I sat down at my computer, only to find that I had no internet connection. FFS.

It didn't come back online until Monday morning. FFS.

If I'd used my brain I would have saved the posts in a word document, however my brain has left the building. FFS.

Wednesday morning I see bub chewing on something. I have no idea what it is but figure that our house is child proof so I don't worry about it. FFS.

When he shows me what he's chewing on, I see that it's a band aid that hubby has taken off a blister on his foot, and left lying around. Gross. FFS.

For the past few weeks bub has been on a hunger strike. FFS.

He won't eat.. FFS.

When I say he won't eat, I literally mean he won't eat anything. FFS.

I'd be lucky if I can get a tablespoon of food into him each day. FFS.

From speaking to the other mums at playgroup I know this is just a stage, however I can't help be concerned. FFS.

To compensate for his lack of food, bub is drinking a litre of milk everyday. FFS.

This means that we are having lots of wet clothes as he's leaked out of his nappy. FFS.

All of this is my fault because I'm not changing his nappy often enough. FFS.

I'm so used to only having to change him three times a day that I forget to change him and hence we end up with wet mess everywhere. FFS.

Thursday we had a leakage incident and had to remove all of bub's clothes other than his jacket. FFS.

We were at the shopping centre, so I wrapped him in my scarf for the walk to the car and trip home. Parenting fail. FFS.

I finally cracked and put a lock on the toilet seat. FFS.

It's so annoying, but not as annoying as bub putting everything into the toilet. FFS.

Remember hubby's phone saga? It's started again! FFS.

He's now decided that he doesn't like his Galaxy Note and he wants a new phone. FFS.

As he already has 2 phones on the Mobile Repayment Option he has to buy the next phone outright. FFS.

I think it's a huge waste of money and that he should be happy with what he has, but he won't be deterred. FFS.

Side note: Typing this post is taking me ages as I have to stop and clap Chai. He is actually eating tonight, feeding himself and requires applause after every mouth full. FFS.

Back to the phone saga. Hubby always chooses the worst time to go on the hunt for a new phone. FFS.

We'd been out Thursday afternoon and were ready to go home. I'd had enough, bub had had enough so I told hubby it was time to go. He said he just wanted to quickly check details about a phone and that it would only take a few minutes. FFS.

He goes to Telstra at Karrinyup and as per usual they had no idea what they were talking about. FFS.

He then goes to the Vodafone store and they know exactly what they're talking about, but they don't sell the phone outright. FFS.

Then we go to Dick Smith, who do sell the phone outright, however it is $83 cheaper online. FFS.

Hubby says he'll think about it and we start walking to the car. We're nearly in the car park when hubby decides to go back in and see if they will price match. FFS.

It's at this point I realise Chai is soaking wet because I haven't changed his nappy. FFS.

Hubby then dithers around in the store trying to decide if he's going to buy the phone. FFS.

He keeps asking what I think even though he knows I think it's a waste of money. FFS.

We change bub and I tell hubby again that we need to go. FFS.

When we get to the car hubby asks me what's wrong and when I tell him I'm tired and I've had enough he says that I should have told him! FFS.

I've been trying to set up a Facebook page for my blog for a few weeks now. FFS.

It's bloody confusing! FFS.

So my page is still blank. FFS.

If only I could get a few hours to sort it out I'm sure I'd figure it out, but I can't see that happening any time in the next 4 years. FFS. 

Chai's latest trick is sticking his finger up his nose. FFS.

He is very proud of this and happily shows everyone that we meet. FFS.

Any mention of the word nose or finger and his finger goes into his nose, where it stays for at least 5 minutes. FFS.

If encouraged, he goes for the double plug and puts a finger up each nostril. FFS.

Yesterday we were at the park where he met two dogs. Naturally he had to show them his trick. FFS.

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