Monday, 27 August 2012

August Empties

Johnson's Dreamy Skin body lotion - I loved the smell of this and so did hubby who drenched himself in it every night. I'm not convinced that it helped me sleep any better, but then I'm so tired at the end of every day that I don't need any help sleeping.

Rexona Clinical Protection deodorant - I've repurchased this heaps of times, it's a staple. Read my full review here.

Soap and Glory Hair Supply - This is a great moisturiser, in fact I didn't find it very hydrating at all, but it made my hair smell beautiful.

Sportsgirl Scrub Up body exfoliator - My favourite body scrub. 

Origins No Offense deodorant - I've had this for years but never finished it because it's pretty ineffective. It works well enough for the freezing cold winter weather we've been having, when I don't sweat, but if I sweat at all it does nothing. I liked the scent though, it'd make a nice perfume.

Endota Spa Aloe and Jojoba face scrub - In my books Endota can do no wrong. Every product of theirs I've tried has been amazing and this is no exception. This scrub is gentle yet effective. 

Kiehl's Creme de Corps body lotion - This has a cult following and I don't understand why. Sure, it's a nice moisturiser, but there are a lot of moisturisers out there that are just as nice, if not nicer, and they cost a lot less.

Living Proof No Frizz Styling Cream - I love the No Frizz range because it really works. The styling cream is light enough to use on my fine hair and heavy enough to tame the frizz. Read my review of the No Frizz range here.

Vanessa Megan Kakadu Plum Age-Less serum - This serum is the first natural serum I've tried that actually works (not counting oils). When I used this my skin felt firmer, I'll be purchasing this when I've got through my collection of serums. My full review is coming up soon.

SK-II Skin Signature Cream - I'm not sure what to make of this. It's one of those products that people rave about but I don't fully understand why. It's quite fragranced and at times I found it a little irritating. My skin did feel soft and smooth after I used this, but for me it's just not worth the very high price. 

Biore Gentle Make-up Removing Wipes -  These were surprisingly good. I usually stay away from Biore products as I find them to be too harsh for my skin, but these weren't. They have a textured side and a smooth side, which I think is a great idea. I will happily buy these next time they're on special.

WotNot Naturally Nurturing Facial Wipes - My holy grail wipes. Full review here.

Priceline Round Cotton Pads - The only cotton pads that I use. 
MAC Lingering Brow Pencil - My holy grail brow pencil. Full review here.

Bonne Bell Click-it lipgloss - I'm so pleased to have finished a gloss! Now if only I could finish the other 98,097 that I have in my collection. Like all Bonne Bell products, this tastes great. I don't think it's available here anymore, which just goes to show how long I've had it.

Random perfume samples.

And here we have yet another pile of products that I've tossed out. They were either old, I didn't like them or in the case of the Jonathan conditioner, too hard to get out of the bottle.


  1. Just to make you feel good, I recall getting a Bonne Bell Lip Lix with a dolly magazine, circa 1999. Mine was "Raisin".

  2. Ooh I love it when its empties time again! That deoderant is my favourite too! I use the Dove one as well, I think they're all exactly the same, I usually just get the one that's on sale.

    1. I do the same thing, I'm sure they are exactly the same.

  3. That Rexona deodorant is the best :) I've only tried the pink version though, have to give blue a try. I like the scent of that Sportsgirl scrub, but I've never bitten the bullet and bought it for whatever reason. Will rectify. Great empties!

    1. I've used so many of the Sportsgirl scrubs, it's so cheap.

  4. Was that a NARS product you tossed? I'm curious to know what it was and why you tossed it!

    1. It was Dolce Vita lipstick. I know everyone raves about it, but as I have very pigmented lips it doesn't look that great on me. I've had it for ages and it was starting to smell funny, so I tossed it.


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