Thursday, 9 August 2012

Dear Chai

Today you are 17 months old.

I forgot to tell you last month that you now have 1 sleep a day. This started last month, it just happened naturally. You were able to stay awake for longer and longer between naps until you just moved to one sleep a day. By the end of the day you are pretty tired, but it makes bedtime easier.

You have so much energy. We go running around outside for at least 2 hours a day. You love racing around looking at things and have boundless energy. Dad and I are both looking forward to when we have a backyard for you to play in. To my horror you love standing on Scarborough Beach Road watching the cars go by. You like to stand right on the edge of the road and try to touch the cars. Because I won't let you step on the road you run along the footpath and try to keep up with the cars going past.

On the week of the 23rd of July you decided to wean yourself. You would take the boob but not have a proper feed and weren't really interested. Then on the 29th I offered you a feed and you were more interested in playing with my nipple. Whilst I feel sad that you aren't breastfeeding any more,  I'm glad that you weaned yourself when you were ready and very happy that I got to feed you for nearly 17 months. 

You can now say blue (sounds like brrrr), star (sounds like arrrr), cat (sounds like at), dog (sounds like og), Mum, Dad, Bub and Up. You copy us more and more and try to make different sounds.

One of your favourite things to do is sing and dance. You know all the actions to the songs we sing at Rhyme Time. When you want us to sing a song you'll start doing the actions until we starting singing the right song.

You've also discovered how much fun it is to put things into the toilet. I'm constantly trying to stop you putting things into the toilet. Once you've put something into the toilet you like to look at it and slosh it around.

You love playgrounds and slides.  When we go for our daily walks you head over to playgroup and want to play on the slides there.

Tantrums are still a daily occurrence, but at least you are usually easy to distract.

You are a beautiful child and I feel so lucky to have you in my life. You're always smiling and laughing and take so much joy in everything that you do. I love being your Mum. 


  1. Our children were born on the same day! My daughter is 17 months old today too.... I share your lip balm addiction and have recently been converted to all natural and organic products thanks to Peachy Clean. A x

    1. They're birthday twins!

      Isn't Peachy Clean great? Have you tried the Savi Wellbeing body lotion? It's amazing!

  2. You are just too funny lol im followinb your blog.
    Mandy x


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