Monday, 20 August 2012

Winter Lip Saviours

Lanolips 101 Ointment - Up until recently I thought I was allergic to lanolin. Turns out I'm not, bonus! I discovered this when Kirsten kindly sent me her Lanolips 101 ointment to test out. As far as winter lip saviours go, this is perfect. It's fragrance free, thick and hydrating. It makes a great night time lip balm, I wake up with soft lips that still have some balm on them.  

Dr Lipp Nipple Balm - This is another medical grade lanolin product. Now that I've found out I'm not allergic to lanolin I'm really liking lanolin lip products, they're so hydrating. Can't believe I've missed out on using lanolin all this time. Oh well. I find Dr Lipp to be a little lighter than the Lanolips ointment, but equally as hydrating. I carry this in my back pocket as the tube is short and so fits easily. Doing this also means that it's warmed up so easy to get out of the tube. I'd love it if they made a flavoured version and a tinted version. Although I suppose if they did that it wouldn't really be a nipple balm would it, cause most people don't want tinted nipples.

Qsilica Paw Paw Rescue Ointment - This is new to my collection but has quickly become a favourite. I love that it's a multi use product. I use it on my lips, cuticles and dry patches. For bub I use it as a nappy rash treatment and on any scratches he gets. It saves me having to carry around two or three other products. Whilst this is an ointment it's not as sticky as most ointments, it easily rubs in without leaving any greasiness.
But I digress, I'm talking about winter lip saviours not multi purpose products. As this is quite light, I like to use it during the day over lip pencil. A bonus with this is that it tastes good.

Buddha Balm  - I have Burnt Sugar Fig and it's lovely. If you are a fan of very flavoured lip products then you need to try this, the taste is amazing. I've tried hundreds of lip balms and this is the most flavoured lip product I've ever used. Aside from the lovely taste, this is a great, heavy duty balm that does a great job of keeping my lips hydrated throughout winter.

Bloom and Blossom Soothing Nipple Balm - I know this is a nipple balm but it makes a great everything balm. Just like my paw paw ointment, this is a multi use product. I use it on my lips, cuticles and any dry patches. It's quite thick and a little sticky, which means when I use it on my lips it lasts for ages, so it's great for those days when I don't have time to be constantly applying lip balm.

Brauer All Natural Paw Paw Ointment - I have quite a thing for paw paw ointments, I'll have to do a post on all of the different paw paw ointments that I have. Out of all the paw paw ointments I've used, this is one of my favourites. It is the perfect texture, not too thick and not too light, can be used almost everywhere and is reasonably priced. As a lip balm I really like this. I only use a tiny amount, it tastes good and lasts around 4 hours before I need to reapply. 

Reading back through my post I realise I've talked about taste quite a lot, clearly it's time I had lunch. Please excuse all the rambling I've done today, I'm suffering through hubby's man flu and it's affected my brain.

Lanolips, Dr Lipp and Qsilica were provided to me for review. Bloom and Blossom was originally provided to me for review, however I'm now onto my second pot which wasn't provided for review.

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