Friday, 3 August 2012

FFS Friday

Happy Friday! Time for me to get my whinge on again. How the hell is it August already? This week has been a tough one. Keeping a toddler amused indoors all day is not easy. Bub hates being cooped up inside but because of the rain we haven't been able to get out much. FFS.

Friday morning BIL called me at 6.39am. As you do. FFS.

I missed the call so rang him back 1/2 an hour later and he didn't answer. FFS.

Friday night I was supposed to go to a blogger meetup. I was really looking forward to it because it would have only been the second time that I've been out on my own since Chai was born. As I was getting ready to leave he got sick. FFS.

I had to stay home. FFS.

We then had the night from hell. FFS.

Bub was awake from 1am to 4am, then woke up at 5am, then 5.30am, then 6am. FFS.

Hubby spent half an hour whingeing about how tired he was on Saturday morning. FFS.

As if he was the only person who was tired. FFS.

Thankfully Mum was here, so her and I went out so that I didn't do any permanent damage to hubby. FFS.

Hubby spent Saturday working on our house. A friend came over to re-tile one of our showers and hubby decided to change the silicone in the ensuite shower. It was only after both jobs had been started that it occurred to hubby that we wouldn't be able to use either shower for a few days. FFS.

Sunday morning hubby was looking in the App Store and found an app that he wanted me to download. It was called Sex Workouts. FFS.

Luckily for hubby I didn't have any sharp implements to hand. FFS.

The in laws were here on Sunday. FFS.

I spent an hour hiding in my bedroom so that I didn't have to talk to them. FFS.

They saw our old lap top that bub plays with and told us to be careful that it doesn't electrocute him. FFS.

How the hell would a lap top with no battery, that won't even turn on, electrocute someone? FFS.

Hubby and I took advantage of the grandparents visiting to go out to lunch together. It's the second time we've been away from bub since he was born. Not FFS.

We were having a great, relaxing lunch when hubby decides to start quizzing me on how I feel about his religion. I kid you not. FFS.

Later on when we were at home, he asked me why the water filter was empty. FFS.

I kindly explained to him that it was because I hadn't filled it up and I am the only one who fills it up. FFS.

Why did he think it was empty? Maybe he thought aliens had beamed down and drunk all the filtered water? Or perhaps a thirsty elephant had stuck it's nose through the window and helped himself? FFS.

We've had the water filter for two years and Sunday was the first time hubby has ever filled it up. FFS.

What's with those people who do something, tell you about it and then say "I hope you don't mind?" That annoys me so much! If they really hoped that you didn't mind then they would have asked before they did it! Truth is, they know that you will mind so they do it anyhow and tell you about it when it's too late for you to stop them. FFS.

Sunday night bub weaned himself. FFS.

I've known it's been coming for a while because he has been less and less interested in his night time feed, but I can't help feeling a little sad/emotional about it. FFS.

It's silly because he's nearly 17 months old so I've been very fortunate to have been able to feed him for so long. I'll just miss our night time cuddles. FFS.

Gah, I get teary just thinking about it. FFS.

Rainy weather and active toddlers are not friends. FFS.

Bub has been getting angry with me this week because I won't make Daddy come home. FFS.

He's got it worked out in his head. We talk to Daddy on the phone, then go out the front and a few minutes later Daddy appears. So whenever he wants to see Daddy he points at the phone, says Daddad, then points and the front door and waves. Then gets really angry at me when I tell him we can't call Daddad and that Daddad won't be home until later. FFS.

I've explained to him many times that Daddad works all day and we can't call him when he's at work, but he just doesn't understand. FFS.

It's been a while since we attempted to kill our child, but this week we decided to have another go at it. FFS.

Hubby and I have been sharing a bathroom this week and didn't realise that the soap holder in my shower is lower than the one in Hubbys shower. FFS.

Bub was playing in my shower whilst I was putting my make-up on when I heard him making his happy "I've got something really exciting" noise. I looked into the shower and saw him holding hubbys razor, by the blade, in both hands. FFS.

Hubby leaves his razor on the soap holder. Not anymore. FFS.

When bub isn't playing with razors in the shower, he is busily trying to put things into the toilet. FFS.

This week he's put his shoes, my bra insert, the toilet brush and one of his toys into the toilet. FFS.

He put his toy into the toilet before I'd flushed it. Gross. FFS.

I've stopped him putting my hair brush, toothbrush and a ball into the toilet. FFS

This means that I now do my make-up with one foot on the toilet lid. FFS.

Why do children always get sick at night? Is it some sort of sick punishment for being a parent?

Last night bub got sick. FFS.

He'd been fine all day, we put him to bed and half an hour later he was awake, all blocked up and could hardly breathe. FFS.

I got about four hours sleep last night. FFS.

But it's all okay because....I GET MY PMT TODAY!!!!!

After talking about my PMT for the last few weeks the pressure is on. I'm not sure I can live up to the hype. I'll be trying my best to whip up amazing culinary creations so watch this space to see how I go.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Dear Baby G


  1. "They saw our old lap top that bub plays with and told us to be careful that it doesn't electrocute him. FFS."

    Ohhhh that is priceless.

    This made me laugh so thank you. :) I've had one of "those weeks" so maybe I'll do a FFS Friday of my own for once!

  2. I quite often congratulate myself on not killing my kids!! My 2 have never really put things in the toilet unless you count the time my eldest poured a whole bottle of bleach over himself and the toilet and the bathroom floor while I was feeding his newborn brother11 they are both guilty of shoving stuff down a drain we had, pairs of shoes, toys and a tennis ball which clogged it right up and made it smell!!
    ps lets make hiding from te inlaws an olympic sport!!

  3. I am still incredibly sad about the weaning too :( It's been 10 days now and I keep thinking maybe I should try her again? maybe it was just a nursing strike? M couldn't care less of course. I am pathetic. Oh and we had the worst night ever last night, no idea what was wrong with her but of course she is fine this morning.

  4. *hugs* what a week, I feel everyday has a FFS moment here, I honestly try hard not to say it every time heheh

  5. As always, I love these posts. So amusing.


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