Friday, 13 May 2011

P50P - Epic Fail Part 1

I knew I was being really ambitious when I started P50P, but I didn't think I'd fall off the wagon so quickly. And in spectacular fashion. Behold my latest purchases:

Yes, you are seeing right. I purchased not one but nine lip products. If I'm going to fail, I make sure I do it properly. I don't even have any excuses for making this purchase. I wasn't drunk or under the influence of mind altering medication. I'm no longer pregnant, I wasn't sleep shopping, I have no excuse!

Here's how it all happened:

Jessica from The Belle Lumiere decided to do a Q and A post on her blog and asked if anyone had any questions for her. I asked if she could do a post on using a mail forwarding service as it's something I want to do but I just haven't got my head around how it works. Jessica agreed to do the post (she's so good to me!) along with screen shots, then asked where she should make a purchase from. I suggested Bath and Bodyworks as that's where I want to purchase from, so then Jessica very kindly offered to order the products that I wanted too. And that's how it happened.

See, I have no valid excuse for why I made this purchase, other than because I could. In my defense, I've been wanting the products for years. I'm not joking, it has been at least five years that I've wanted to buy these products, so when I got the opportunity I just couldn't resist.

And if that wasn't bad enough, I then proceeded to order even more lip products. You could say I went on a lip product binge. I will show you what else I got in another post. Yes, you read right, there is more to come!

And now I'm back on the wagon.

Here's my shameful tally:
Lipsticks finished: 0
Lip glosses finished: 1
Lip balms finished: 3
Lipsticks purchased: 0
Lip glosses purchased: 8
Lip balms purchased: 4 (I've included the three lip balms that I purchased when I hadn't decided if I was going to include balms in my P50P).


  1. Oh no!! :( You were making some progress!...Well, I guess it's understandable since you have been wanting those products for -years.- I wouldn't resist either. Ah well, you could always...try again? Lol!

  2. Excellent choices! I am loving my CO Bigelow Strawberries & Cream gloss. So yummy.

  3. They all look so good, I'm sure you will get good use out of them and I don't believe a girl can have too many fact last year, I orders about a dozen NYX ones.

    Have I finished any of them? hell no but it's not stopping me from trying out other glosses, trying to find one with the perfect pigment and non-stickiness. Bring the haul craze on I say :)

    PS. I won't be held responsible for impulsive purchases as I can't even be responsible myslef :D

  4. they look pretty nice to me!! your blog is really nice :) im your new follower,i'd love if you follow back

  5. I could never stop purchasing, Ive tried, doesnt happen, oh well. There isnt many luxuries I spend a lot of money on but beauty products I will never give up, lolxxx


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