Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Desire for More

I often wonder what it is that drives my (and others) desire for more. I find something that I like and then I want more of it, instead of being happy with what I have. Buying more would make sense if the product was limited edition, but when it's a regular product that's always available, there is no need to buy more. For example, a few days ago hubby bought me a pack of Nude by Nature products. I absolutely love them and so I want to buy more. Why? I already have them, why do I want to collect more? I want more of the glosses and eye shadows, even though I already have them and in reality will probably not use them up for years.

I wonder if it goes back to the hunter gatherer thing, if it's a primal desire within us to stock up in case of famine. When I was a child we always had a very full pantry cupboard. This comforted me as I knew that if something went wrong we would have enough food to survive for a considerable amount of time. Maybe the desire to gather things is a primal instinct that we have no control over.

Most women I know collect something, whether it be clothes, make-up, shoes, handbags, hair clips, soft toys or something else. I've always thought collecting was a kind of addiction, but now I'm wondering if it's instinct. It must be some kind of instinct for it to be such a common thing amongst women.  That's my excuse anyhow!

This concludes my musings for today.


  1. I'm actually finding my recent years of rampant consumerism disturbing, and have been taking steps to halt it. I've always been into makeup and perfume, but I would buy maybe three or four things every few months. At one point years ago I had 20 lipsticks and thought that was a huge number (collected over about ten years). Most recently I had over 80 before I started selling them off or giving them away.

    I got rid of almost everything when I moved to Adelaide 7 years ago - I came here with one brown eyeshadow quad, one blush, two brushes and two lipsticks. Since then I've accumulated a collection I could not possibly use within my life time.

  2. Great post, this really made me think. And to be honest, it kind of made me feel better about my disgustingly large stash to think that it might be due to some primal instinct I have no control over ;]

    I always like to justify my makeup addiction like 'everybody has a hobby....this is mine', or 'everybody collects something, this is what I collect'.

  3. I always say that my cosmetics are 'investments'! I like the idea that it's primal. I always find myself buying more when I find something I like, and it's when I don't that the item is discontinued >< Catch-22 really. Such a great post, has really made me think. Thanks for writing it x

  4. Im not one to buy 'back ups' as Im fickle with my makeup and generally dont use anything up (apart from mascara and glosses) to warrant having backups.
    The thing that gets me is my mentality of "If it doesnt work Ill just buy something else" $15 here and there for something that I dont necessarily need adds up to a lot. Last night I was thinking about this actually..."I wonder how many cleansers Ive tried out in my lifetime" I could think of about 10 straight off the top of my head. Its alarming because my best friend and my mum have used the same things for at least 5 years. I wish I was like that!
    Im particuarly bad with moisturisers and foundation as that really is the basis of skin and makeup!
    Ive got much better the past 6 months but I use to be terrible!

  5. When I started blogging I went a bit crazy buying all the things I wanted, but now I'm much more strategic about what I buy. I think it helps that I have a better idea of what will work and what will compliment me. Great post! :)

  6. Dee, I'm the same. I really want/need to drastically reduce my collection, it's gotten totally out of hand.

    SS, I've always said the same thing, 'everyone collects something' and at least what we collect is harmless and we can use it.

    Emma, I'm glad I'm not the only one who is constantly buying more!

    Tea, that's my problem exactly. I get a product, it doesn't work for me so I buy something else without finishing the product I didn't like.

    Sarah, I need to be more careful about what I buy, it's just so easy to keep buying new things.


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