Thursday, 26 May 2011

I had a Super Quickie at Kit!

Kit Cosmetics have just launched a new skin care brand by Dr Perricone called Super. It's based around superfood ingredients, giving the benefits of these ingredients to the skin. I was lucky enough to be able to go in to Kit for a Super Quickie and you can too!

I went in for the Get Even treatment, to help make my skin more even toned. Sarah explained the use of all the products (she has a great knowledge of how everything works and what is in each products). 

First Sarah cleansed my skin with the Sweet Clean cleanser. This contains acai berry and smells lovely. 
The next step was the 3 Minute Facial Intensive Treatment mask. This mask contains ginger and like the cleanser, smells edible. One of the interesting things about this mask is that it doesn't tingle much when it's on but you experience the tingling after the mask is removed. The tingle is minimal, I didn't find it irritating at all. This is a great idea, it's something that I could put on before I get into the shower and remove in the shower, so it's great for time poor mums like me.  I couldn't believe the way this made my skin feel. It feels so soft but strange at the same time as it doesn't feel like my skin.
After the mask was removed Sarah applied the Night Recharge Retinol Treatment. This contains red algae but surprisingly smells really nice. I thought that with algae in it the scent might be ocean like but it wasn't. 

The next product to be applied was the O-Mega Moisture Nourishing Cream, followed by the Bright Eyed Flawless Eye Treatment. Both of these products felt lovely on my skin. 

Afterwards my skin looked amazing, fresh and glowing. 5 hours later my skin was still looking amazing. It's now the day after my Quickie and my skin feels so soft, I haven't had skin this soft for ages, in fact I don't remember the last time it felt so soft. Unlike Suzanne I am not brave enough to show you a photo of my naked face, but trust me when I tell you my skin looks just as good as it feels. The face mask is the next product I'll be buying, anything that makes my skin feel so soft is a must have product.

I had my Quickie with Sarah at the enex store. Sarah is lovely, if you ever need anything from Kit go and see her. 

Kit are currently offering 15 minute Quickies for anyone who is interested, so call you local store for details.   


  1. This sounds like just what you need! Quick facial like this have been a bit of a wash out for me in the past, but this sounds pretty effective :)

  2. I WAS powdered! It's not a completely naked face!

    But yes, I was SO impressed with Sarah. She was a little dynamo. PLEASE tell me you tried the coconut water!

  3. Sounds beautiful Anissa.
    You should treat yourself to a nice facial every now and then. I love them so much now.

  4. I neglected to mention that the great thing about this facial is that it only takes 15 minutes, hence the name Quickie.

    Suzanne, Sarah was amazing, so lovely and knowledgeable. I didn't get a coconut water :(

    Sarah, I've never tried a quick facial before, they're such a good idea though.

    Tara, I must admit that I've only had a few facials, I need to start having them more often.


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