Friday, 9 March 2018

FFS Friday - Self Care

Dealing with Telstra really sucks. It's just such a struggle. Every single transaction with them is a nightmare.

A few weeks ago our internet stopped working. 

I checked the Telstra outages page (twice), checked all the connections, turned the modem on and off again, waited a few hours and then when I had no choice, called Telstra.

After about 45 minutes on the phone (with the boys creating havoc in the background) they told me that our modem was broken and I'd receive a new one in three to five days. 

Six hours later they called me back and told me that there was nothing wrong with our modem, there'd been an outage in the area and that next time I could check the outages page.

I informed them that I'd checked the outages page twice. Considering they didn't even know there was an outage, how was I supposed to know?

Things were looking good for a few weeks, then our WIFI died. We delayed calling Telstra for three days because it's such a nightmare.

Actually, that's not true. We called them the second day and gave up after being on hold for an hour. Yeah.

The next day we called them again. This time we got through. After much frustration from Tiger, he put me on the phone and we found out we needed a new modem.

I went through everything with the Telstra guy, got off the phone and the WIFI started working again. WTF.

I didn't bother calling them back. I figure we need a new modem anyhow. 

Every now and again I'm reminded of the importance of self care and how truly crap I am at looking after myself.

A few weeks ago I noticed ulcer type things in my mouth. They weren't sore so I made a mental note to keep an eye on them and then promptly forgot.

Last week I woke up with a really sore top lip. It had a big blister on it and my whole top lip was covered in tiny blisters. I couldn't figure out why. I had been using a new lip balm, but it only has ingredients that I use regularly.

I switched to another balm and thought nothing more. The next day my lip was worse, my tongue was itchy and I noticed the ulcer type sores were still on my gums. Then it hit me. I haven't been taking zinc lately and I've forgotten to wash my mouth out after taking my asthma medication.

Thanks to all that, I got oral thrush. Gross! It's so disgusting and all my fault. I got meds from the chemist and took the full daily dose, only to wake up worse the next day and with another huge blister on my lip.

Thankfully things started to calm down by the third day and I'm making more of an effort to take care of myself. (That's not really true, but I'm taking my zinc and rising my mouth out properly).

Self care is important people.

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