Friday, 30 March 2018

FFS Friday - Glamazon

In what is a very cruel twist of fate, it appears I can no longer tolerate coffee.

I've had a strange stomach bug since last Friday. As per usual I was worried it was my Crohn's and when it hadn't gone away by Monday I went to the Dr.

They told me to wait a few days and if it hadn't gone away gave me the paperwork to get tests done.

Wednesday I started to wonder if it was caused by coffee or milk, so yesterday I had no coffee and my stomach was slightly better. This is not looking good.

Despite still having a sore belly I haven't bothered having the tests yet, it doesn't seem much point when everything will be closed until Tuesday. If I'm still sick Tuesday I'll do the tests then.

Meanwhile, a life without coffee is not something I want to think about. Coffee is the only vice I have left. Taking that away is just cruel. Very, very cruel.

So what's been getting my goat this week?

Skin care and beauty ads. 

I was looking at a make-up companies Instagram site earlier in the week and it was so edited with only young, beautiful, highly made up glamazons. 

That's not how to sell products. I'm so over seeing products being sold to us by the young and the beautiful. I want to see real people of all ages, shapes and sizes. I want to know what the product would look like on me, not on a 20 year old beauty. 

It's not helpful, it's not realistic and it just puts me off. Instead of buying from them, I clicked off their Instagram page and promptly forgot about them.

When will companies realise that we're not interested in photo-shopped pictures, we want to see real life? I want to look on a website and see a woman my age, then I'll know if it'll work for me.  

It's not just the thin and young that are beautiful, beauty comes in all ages and sizes. I look forward to a time when I can open a magazine, website etc and see real people spruiking products, not models.

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