Friday, 23 March 2018

FFS Friday - Tyred

You know what's been getting my goat lately? Those posts and articles you see telling you what smart women/good mums/great parents/women over 30 should have or do. What a load of crap. They're all designed to make you feel inferior. Today I'm bringing you my essential life guide for what everyone should do. 

Here it is.....
Whatever the fuck you want to!

End of article.

And another thing that annoyed me this week. 
Monday the radio news was reporting that some Water Authority staff (I think, could have been Water Corp, are they the same thing? No idea) are earning up to 50% over their base wage. So what? Why is this news?

It's a base wage, of course people earn over that. A lot of people in private industry would earn over their base wage too, it's quite common. It's not news, it's just the media trying to stir up trouble.

This week both my boys got sick. Poor babies. They're pretty good when they're sick, they just want cuddles and to be attached to me at all times. They don't whinge or complain which is nice.

I didn't bother letting the school know (cause frankly I didn't have the time) so Tuesday Tiger gets a message from Chai's teacher. WTF? Why would she contact him when she knows he works away and it's me who does all the school stuff. So strange. 

I've concluded that she either doesn't like me or knows that I truly DGAF. Oh well. I'm trying to muster up some care factor but it's not happening.  

Now for some sad news. My all time favourite eye liner, Essence Extreme Lasting in Rockin' Taupe has been discontinued. Woe is me. This means I'm once again on the hunt for a dark taupe eye liner. If you have any recommendations please let me know. 

It's been a while since we had a good Tiger story, so I've got one for you today. 
We're doing up our garden at the moment. A few weeks ago we were heading out to a nursery. We hadn't been there before but had a general idea where it was. 

We left the house and set off for the nursery. Tiger was driving. We'd been driving along for about ten minutes when it occurred to me that Tiger probably had no idea where we were going. I was itching to ask, but decided to keep my mouth shut because surely if you were going somewhere then you'd find out how to get there before you set off. Or not.

After another five minutes I couldn't keep my mouth shut any longer so made a vague comment about wondering where the nursery was. It was then that Tiger admitted he had no idea and said he thought I'd said it was on the road we were on. I asked him if he'd checked the location before we left and he hadn't. Really, FFS! Who in their right mind sets off to go somewhere without checking how to get there? Tiger, that's who.

It took us half an hour when it should have taken ten minutes. One would think Tiger would learn from this experience but he didn't. Wednesday we were taking his car to get new tires. I was following him in my car as we had to leave his car for three hours. 

We pulled out of the driveway, Tiger reverses next to me, winds down the window and asks if I've checked the map to see where the tyre shop is! FFS!

I didn't even know what the business was called so wtf would I? He was the one dropping his car off, not me. He kindly told me the name of the tyre shop, so I sweetly said "that's nice honey" and drove off. Hahahaha. 

You'd think after all these years he would have realised that I'm not his mother and I'm not going to do everything for him. Plus, I was in my car and I never touch my phone whilst I'm driving, my phone stays in my bag unless the car is parked. He's a funny character.

Hi Mrs B. How are you? I know it's been a tough week. If you are reading this to Karen, Hi beautiful girl. Sending healing vibes and love to you and your family xxx

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