Saturday, 4 April 2015

FFS Friday

Hello and welcome to FFS Friday. Yes, I know it's Saturday, but I forgot yesterday so we'll just pretend it's Friday today. With a four day weekend we'll all be so confused about what day it is that it doesn't really matter does it?

So what's been getting my goat this week? That's a bloody good question. Truth is I don't remember. It's all been a blur. I've been sick, the boys have been sick and I really can't remember what's been going on. But never fear, I have a story for you.

A few weeks ago Bella wouldn't stop barking. She was staring the the fence and barking like mad. After about 15 minutes I went out the front (it was day time) to check what she was barking at. As I went out the front there was a teenager walking past so I smiled at him and he glared at me. FFS.

As you do. FFS.

I looked down the side of the house, couldn't see anything so turned to the young guy to ask him if he'd seen anyone. Clearly he had an issue with this. FFS.

As soon as I looked at him he said "What the fuck are you looking at?"

Really? I don't take kindly to being abused so we had the following conversation:
Me: Calm down, I was just checking to see why the dog was barking.
YG: Stop fucking staring at me.
Me: Seriously? I wasn't staring at you. Don't be so rude.
YG: Fuck off you See You Next Tuesday. Stop fucking staring at me.
Me: I wasn't staring I was looking to see why my dog was barking, now get the hell out of here.
By this time he'd stopped walking and was standing in the middle of the road yelling at me.
Me: Keep walking buddy.
YG: Stop fucking staring at me.
Me: I'm not, now keep walking.
YG: Fuck off you fucking See You Next Tuesday.
Then my neighbour came out and it was on for young and old.
I won't repeat what she had to say to the little meth addict, however she screamed at him until he was out of sight.

I'll be very surprised if he makes it to his next birthday. He's a little, weedy thing, Chai could have knocked him out with a feather. If he goes around talking to people the way he spoke to me he's not long for this world.

He's proof that drugs are bad. If someone smiling at you is offensive you need to get off the drugs. 

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