Friday, 24 April 2015

FFS Friday

Hello Friday, we meet again. 

We have the PILs coming down today. FFS.

I don't know how long they're staying. FFS.

The spare bed where they will sleep is covered in a months worth of towels, hand towels, tea towels etc. FFS.

Every single on of my tea towels is on that bed. FFS.

Now I'll have to fold them all. FFS.

My little treasure Chai has a wonderful imagination. It's a great thing but can also be very frustrating. 

For the last week he's refused to answer to anything other than Darling, Honeybun or occasionally the name of a ninja turtle. FFS.

The trouble with this is that I never know which name he wants to be called and if I call him the wrong name he screams at me "My name is not Chai, it's Dawing!" FFS.

Or "Don't call me Chai, I'm not Chai, I'm Honeybun!" FFS.

I forget numerous times a day, so he screams at me regularly. FFS.

Wednesday he announced that his real name is not Chai it's Darling. FFS.

His kindy teachers are allowed to call him Chai, Tiger and I can call him Darling for short. FFS.

Where does he get this stuff from? Cellular memory? I have no idea.

It's funny and frustrating at the same time. Constantly calling him Honeybun or Darling is rather amusing. 

Once again I'm wondering if he's ready for kindy. FFS.

He's been having trouble with one of the other kids there. She's upsetting him so much that he doesn't want to go to kindy if she's there. FFS.

I've spoken to his teacher about it and she's keeping an eye on it but hasn't seen anything. FFS.

Every day Chai talks about her and says that she's mean to him. FFS.

I feel powerless. FFS.

I want to take my precious little boy into my arms and run away with him. FFS.

I hate seeing him upset. FFS.

It really makes me wonder if he's ready to be at kindy. I think he is, he loves it, I suppose it's all part of learning how to deal with people, but seeing him so upset is heartbreaking. FFS.

Homeschooling is looking very attractive. 

I have a Beauty Bay rant coming up for next weeks FFS Friday post.  I had planned to write about it this week but the kindy rant takes precedence.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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