Friday, 5 November 2010

This weeks mail

I've been very bad lately and ordered a lot of things online. With the Australian $$ doing so well and the crazy prices we get charged here I took advantage and ordered some things I've been wanting for a while.

Here's an example of how crazy our prices are. I wanted Belli's Elasticity Belly  oil. In Australia it costs $70. I purchased it from Apothica for $38 (AUD). Crazy! What is even more crazy is that Belli is an Australian company! From Apothica In addition to the belly oil I purchased Erbavia's Queeze-Ease lip balm and DuWop Blackcurrant Iced Tea lip balm.

I've been wanting DuWop's Private Red lipstick for ages but couldn't find an online store that would ship it to Australia. Bizarrely I can get other DuWop products shipped here but not Private Red. So I gave in and bought it from Adore Beauty. I also purchased Private lipstick in Nude.

For our wedding I purchased three Glasshouse Leura candles. They're limited edition and I couldn't find them locally so I bought them from Moonlight Candles.
I also placed a Strawberrynet order. I got two aftershaves for Mr GQ, my wedding day perfume and a Clarins eyeliner. I also received a Calvin Klein eyeshadow with my purchase.
I've been dying to try the limited edition Lanolips Lemon balm and the two new Burt's Bees lip balms but haven't found them here, so I ordered them from Addicted 2 Lip Balm. I love their service. I placed my order around lunchtime and it was shipped the same afternoon! I also purchased Organic Island's vanilla lip balm, I couldn't resist it as it has biodegradable packaging, which is something I've never seen before.

That's it for me for a while!


  1. Lots of mail! I should definitely try ordering from some day (=

  2. I think we all went a little crazy celebrating the rise of the Aussie dollar! I have bath and body works, yankee candles, NARS and MAC orders all on their way!

  3. The prices in Sweden are also to high. We have some kind of tax that is higher than in other countries but that is not the whole truth, because the stores in Sweden also add a lot extra on the price. Really bad!

  4. Wow you have been busy shopping lol It is great the Aus dollar is up, we dropped the prices on the product we purchase direct from the US, we love being able to pass the saving on. Also means I can buy more goodies from overseas.

  5. Superficial Sydney, that's good to know, I haven't tried That Gal before.

    Gaby, definitely order from strawberrynet, they're amazing. So cheap and fast postage. That was my 20th order with them.

    Jessica, it looks like we'll be enjoying a high Aussie $$ for a while now. I'm so tempted to place a B&BW order.

    Ninni, high prices are awful aren't they?

    A2LB, that's why I love your store so much, you've actually reduced prices. I don't think many other stores will be doing that!

  6. Great haul! The markup is terrible. I don't envy you! At least you were able to snag a few deals though. :) Maybe buddy up with a US resident and have them buy/ship to you?


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