Friday, 12 November 2010

RMS is coming to Bathing Beauty!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned Bathing Beauty before, but it's a beautiful little Perth based webstore that has a range of lovely products.

They recently sent me a press release and I had to share the news. Bathing Beauty is now carrying RMS products! RMS beauty was created by Rose-Marie Swift, the line is organic and non-toxic. RMS is a brand that I've been wanting to try for ages but haven't had access to. Their products all look amazing.
Here's what RMS have to say about their products: 
Rose-Marie created RMS Beauty after experiencing health issues that stemmed directly from all the chemicals in the color cosmetics she worked with. She created a healthy, natural makeup, that’s as good as its conventional counterparts.

RMS Beauty is a truly organic color cosmetics brand. RMS is dedicated to transforming the way women use makeup, and it's about more than simply using organic ingredients. In fact, that's only the first step in creating a product that's not only non-toxic, but that actually heals and nourishes skin. Unrefined, organic, healing agents create easy blending, nourishing products perfect for even for those who feel intimidated by makeup. RMS products are refreshingly simple and only take minutes to apply, but add a wealth of vital nutrients to your skin. 

The range currently consists of lip shines, lip and skin balm, 'un' cover-up, lip2cheek, cream eye shadow, living luminiser and raw coconut cream.


  1. How exciting! I've wanted to check out RMS for ages. Great store and great post! :)

  2. What a beautiful woman Rose-Marie is. Great advert for the range. Thanks for this. Jan x

  3. OhI I know of this store but never knew it was WA. I will definitely look at this one for future purchases.


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