Sunday, 24 October 2021

Thoughts of the week

1. I'm so tempted to buy one of the MAC Ruby's Crew lipsticks. They look so pretty.
2. The Bachelorette started this week. Are you watching it? I watched most of the first episode, got bored so went to bed and watched the rose ceremony on Instagram. As much as I want to watch the show, it seems really drawn out.
Maybe it's just because I don't watch tv?
3. What happened to little Cleo Smith? Someone must know. Kids don't just disappear. I can only imagine the pain her family must be going through.
4. The boys had their sports day this week. It was so much fun to watch. All the kids were such great sports.
5. There was a case in the news this week where a mother fed her disabled baby bleach as she was exhausted and needed a break. The baby survived and a few weeks later the mum confessed to the police. She's now in jail and banned from seeing her child for the rest of his life. She is also not allowed to see her daughter.
What a horrible world we live in where a mum has to go to lengths like that just to get a break. 

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