Friday, 22 October 2021

FFS Friday - Literally

Hello beautiful people. I'm still here, still breathing and still hanging on to a tiny shred of sanity. 
Some days (not very often), I feel sorry for Tiger. There's a good chance that living with me is affecting his sanity. 
I am a firm believer in speaking directly and saying what you mean. Tiger speaks in a roundabout manner and doesn't say what he means, which I find really annoying. It also causes him issues and he has no idea. 
For example:
Tiger: Would you like to pick up S on the way?
Me: No.
Tiger: Oh, okay, we'll just meet him there then.
The problem here is he asked the wrong question. He asked if I wanted to pick up his mate. I didn't. If he'd asked if I would pick up his mate the answer would have been yes. 
Last night he wanted to take my car to the supermarket. Instead of asking if he could take my car, this is what he said:
Tiger: Do you want me to take your car to the supermarket?
Me: No.
Tiger: Hahaha, guess I'm taking my car then.
If he'd asked if he could take my car, the answer would have been yes. Wrong question buddy.
Other times we'll ask him a question and get a totally different answer. 
Such as:
Me: What are you making for tea tonight?
Tiger: I was thinking of going to the supermarket.
Me: That's nice. What are you making for tea tonight?
When he's not doing that he'll ask things in a totally confusing way. 
Tiger: There's a towel in my gym bag.
He then looks at me with an expectant expression.
Me: That's nice.  
Tiger: Well can you get it for me?
Me: I can.
I still don't get it for him. He's asked if I can get it. Yes, I'm perfectly capable of getting it, but he still hasn't asked me to get it for him. I know that he wants me to get the towel, I'm just waiting to see if he'll figure out that he hasn't asked me.
Tiger: Will you get it for me now please?
Me: Sure. 
It seems like such a silly way to communicate. If you want something, ask for it. The boys find him really confusing because he gets annoyed when they don't do what he's asked, but he hasn't asked them properly. He'll ask them if they'd like to do something for him, they say no then he gets annoyed that they're not doing what he wanted them to. He can't see that the problem is his communication.  
He seems to be getting worse as he gets older. I'm sure I'm getting old and cranky too, hahaha.
Have a lovely weekend.

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