Friday, 30 November 2018

FFS Friday - I'm back, again.

Hello! I'm back after another unplanned hiatus. November has been a write off for me blog wise. Hopefully all the drama is over now and I'll be back to normal posting. 

The last few weeks have been a blur. Chai got sick and after being misdiagnosed by three different Dr's, five days later we finally got the right diagnosis and I had to race him to Perth for emergency surgery. It was awful.

My Mum and Step Dad had just returned from a five week vacation, they'd got back home at 2am, I called at 1pm asking Mum to come to the hospital with me. 

Tiger flew home from work but didn't make it before Chai went into surgery, so it was very lucky that Mum was with me, because I needed someone to stay with Eljay.

Chai is okay, the surgery went well and he's on the mend now. We're all hoping there are no long term effects from him being undiagnosed for five days, but that's just something we have to wait and see. 

Parenting can be so very stressful. Sometimes I wonder where all the stress goes. When I was in the Dr's surgery being told that Chai had to have surgery, I was so, so stressed. I wanted to cry but had to hold it together for Chai and Eljay. The whole time I was packing our stuff and driving to Perth I was doing my best to be calm and happy so the kids stayed calm, whilst inside I was in total panic mode.

What happens to all those suppressed emotions? There are days I feel like I'm going to explode, but of course that never happens. By the time it gets to a place where I can let out all the emotions, the situation has resolved and I'm over it. 

Suppressing emotions isn't healthy, but as a parent sometimes it's just the way it has to be. Perhaps one day I'll explode and all that will be left of me is a huge pile of glitter. 


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