Saturday, 9 March 2013

Dear Chai

My beautiful son. At this exact time two years ago I became your mother. It was the best moment of my life and since then every day has been amazing. You are my treasure, my sunlight and the joy in my day.

The first milestone for this month was you learned how to jump! You first jumped on the 13th of February and were so delighted with yourself. You are talking more and more. You weren't trying to talk much but with a bit of encouragement you talk a lot now.
Thursday you learned to say love so that when we are talking to Daddy on the phone you can tell him you love him. 

At the moment your favourite tv show is In The Night Garden. You call it GaGa and watch it all the time. You haven't been very interested in books lately, you are more interested in running around, vacuuming and mowing the lawn. You absolutely love vacuuming. The first thing you ask for every morning is the vacuum, which has to be plugged in and turned on. You'll vacuum yourself or get me to vacuum and you'll vacuum next to me with your vacuum. Our house has never been so clean!

You are a very social boy and love the company of older people. You aren't particularly interested in children your own age but anyone a few years older and adults you love.

Your Dad regularly asks me if I think you have ADD as you are so active. You don't, you are just a typical, happy little boy with lots of energy to burn. You have a wonderful curiosity about the world and are so interested in what's going on around you. 

Now that I'm pregnant you are fascinated with my stomach. You pat it, kiss it and cuddle it all the time. You love babies and always go up and say hello to any babies we see. A few times you have tried to wheel them away with us!

I'm happy to say that you are a very generous child. You will happily share your toys and food with others. Every day you feed the vacuum, your toys, you books, me, the baby and anything else that you think needs food or a drink. It's so cute.

Chai, I am so glad that I have you in my life. For years I thought that I wouldn't get the opportunity to be a mother but I was so blessed to have you. I remember that every day. You are a strong willed, intelligent and kind child, I am honoured to be your mother.

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  1. I love the differences between all of our kids. They are just fascinating. My son is 3 and since the day he was born he has been petrified of vacuum cleaners. He literally quakes in fear. He gets a bit braver if he is in my arms and will venture out to look at the vacuum cleaner but will freak out if we get too close. He is also scared of fans and hand dryers. Anything that disturbs air!


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