Friday, 15 March 2013

FFS Friday - Hot in the City

Chai is at the age where I can't leave him alone for a second without him destroying something.

This is a problem considering half the time I am solo parenting.

Friday I sent him into the back yard whilst I got dressed, 2 seconds later I found him tearing the bonsai apart. FFS.

I moved the bonsai out of his reach and left him to it, then a few seconds later heard a crash. FFS.

He'd got the broom and used it to knock one of the wall hangings off the fence. FFS.

Thankfully it didn't break or land on Chai. FFS.

Thursday Chai was a bit off colour and Friday he came out in a rash. FFS.

It looked suspiciously like rubella which I have a low immunity to, so I was very worried. FFS.

I took him to the Dr who told me it was a virus and nothing to worry about. Not FFS.

Later that day I realised that as Chai has been fully immunised it's highly unlikely that he would get rubella. Not FFS.

We'd had someone look at our house on Wednesday and Thursday last week and he said that he'd get back to us with an offer on Friday. Not FFS.

I waited all day, but no offer. FFS.

I was hoping that we'd sell the house so that I didn't have to do the home open on Saturday but no such luck. FFS.

I did the home open on Saturday and by the end of the day had not one but two offers! Not FFS.

And guess what? We sold our house! Not FFS.

It's such a relief knowing that the house is sold. Even better, than man who bought it is lovely and is going to make it his home (lots of other people wanted it as an investment property). Not FFS.

Now we have the fun task of finding a rental down south, packing up the house and moving. FFS/Not FFS.

Naturally hubby will be away so I'll get to pack the whole house up myself. FFS.

I've reached the stage in my pregnancy where I am hot all the time. FFS.

Considering the weather we've been having this is not a good thing. FFS.

Even now that it's cooled down (it was about 17 yesterday), I'm still boiling hot. FFS.

Dear Baby G

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