Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Aurora Spa Rituals Peppermint Pedi Repair Cream

Before I got pregnant I didn't appreciate foot creams, I thought they were pretty pointless. But when I was pregnant I appreciated how wonderful foot creams can be. I especially loved them at the end of my pregnancy which was during the summer heatwave. Thankfully for my feet, I had a tube of Aurora Spa Peppermint Pedi Repair Cream (that I'd been given as a gift) waiting to be used. 

This is a lovely, rich foot cream that smells amazing and is a miracle product for sore, tired and dry feet and legs. I used to massage this into my swollen feet and legs every night as I loved the cooling sensation it gave. It comes in a huge 150ml tube that lasts for ages. I used mine daily for about five months and there is still about half left.

As you can see the packaging is gorgeous which makes it great to give as a gift. When I was given this it came in a gorgeous box with the hand cream as well (review coming soon).

Aurora Spa says: Aurora Spa Rituals is different by nature. Our products contain no synthetic fragrances, sulfates, pegs or parabens and are formulated with premium quality ingredients enriched with hand blended essential oils.

We only use 100% recyclable or reusable packaging made from environmentally accredited, chlorine free, forest managed paper. Our bottles are made from 100% PET recyclable plastic and our tubes from high and low density recyclable polyethylene.

Peppermint Pedi Repair Cream costs $40 and can be purchased from Mecca Cosmetica

Would I buy this: Yes, it's lovely.

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