Sunday, 12 September 2010

A different type of low buy

I've done Project Ten Pan twice now and the Post and Shame Challenge. They worked well and helped me to reduce my spending and use products up. This time I've decided to do something different. Rather than do either of the challenges again, I'm going to change my conditions for buying. For every two products that I use up I'll allow myself to buy one new product. So if I use up two shampoo's then I'll buy one new one etc. That way I'll slowly get through the things that I own without accumulating more. 

Of course the aim is not to buy new products whilst I still have others, but if I'm being realistic I know this isn't going to happen. I'm not going to set a time limit for this, I'll aim to do it all the time. And eventually I'll have a small collection of products that I love and use all the time.

To assist me with this I'm going to make sure that I throw out or give away products that I don't love. That's my problem at the moment. I buy something, don't love it but then don't throw it out. What I intend to do from now on is use something for four to six weeks and if I don't love it I'll get rid of it. There's no point hanging onto products that I don't use.


  1. I totally agree, I am trying to use up the items I have , have a whole chest of them, and the items I dont like I find other uses for, like a creamy cleanser that I got with a Gift with Purchase , does not agree with my skin so I add it so my shower gel. Or i give it away. Its like recycling!

  2. I'm also pretty successful with my project to use everything up, and I have allowed myself a special bonus: I can buy ANYTHING from the dollar store! Nothing is over $2, so that's good for my spending ban (=

  3. I gave away things I don't love to charity shops, hoping someone would be able to use them. I think there's also an organization who accept makeup donation to do makeovers for less fortunate people? Can't remember the name though...

  4. I love this idea! Ideally this is how I want to be working through my cupboard but it's just not working for me :(

  5. Excellent idea! BTW, I totally gave you a shout out on my blog because you inspired me to buy less and use up more! Stay awesome.

  6. I think I need to try this kind of low-buy, I started doing a $15 a week spending limit, but would just end up spending $45 in one go and then not spending for 3 weeks which wasnt the greatest haha.

    Good luck with this! I know you'll totally pull it off :)


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