Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My Addicted to Lip Balm Order

As I mentioned in an earlier post, in honour of finishing the Post and Shame Challenge I have been on a lip balm buying spree. The latest and most anticipated order to arrive is from Addicted to Lip Balm.
I decided to show the package as I unpacked it so you can all enjoy the unwrapping like I did. Isn't the pink packaging pretty?
Lots of bubble wrap so nothing is damaged.

Look at all my pretty new balms! Two of them are reorders of my favourite balms and the rest are new balms that I haven't tried before.
Lately I've been totally obsessed with Vanilla Peppermint flavoured balms, and somehow Leah must have known that because she included a Moody Bee Vanilla and Peppermint balm with my order. I'm loving it so much that I haven't tried any of the other balms yet.
If you haven't ordered from Addicted to Lip Balm yet I highly recommend it. They have free shipping for orders over $50 and shipping is super fast. I placed my order on Saturday, it was posted on Monday and I received it by Friday.


  1. I agree A2LB are great! Your order looks fantastic. Soooo many lovely products! Enjoy them!

  2. So many lip balms I want from there!!! So so many!!!

  3. Still haven't congratulated you on finishing the P&S challenge!!! I still have to post about my other two challenge "groups", but I've already finished one item from each group! Will catch up with all my posting now that I'm finally home from my hols...Anyway, those lipbalms (and the others from previous posts) look absolutely yummy, I'm so intrigued by the oval shaped ones! I'm sure you'll enjoy them all, xx

  4. WHOA, GQ gone beserk! *wink* Is THAT the point of doing the challenge?? I've been conned then. Hahahaha...

  5. I've only one lip balm Lol. I want more now after seeing your purchases~


  6. I'm so glad you loved your order, I knew you would enjoy the Moody Bee lip balm. Thanks Leah

  7. Holy crap you weren't kidding! So many lip balm goodies :D


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