Friday, 17 September 2010

Perfumatory is open!

Last week, to my great excitement, Perfumatory opened. Naturally, I place an order straight away, and it's arrived already! As I've never tried any of the scents I ordered a whole heap of samples to help me figure out what scents I like.
The package on the left is all my samples, the package on the left is a yummy chocolate (that I've already eaten) and a complimentary body lotion sample that was included with my order.
The body lotion sample smells amazing.
Look at all my lovely new perfume samples!

For those of you who used to shop with MMU, you'll be pleased to know that Perfumatory is the spin off company of MMU. 

I purchased the following scents: coco folie, bite mark, vanilla moon, a trip down mania lane, amber del nepal, angels in white, baked vanilla cake, chic decay, marshmallow clouds, pikaki lani, she-donism, velvet dream and sweet cupcake. 


  1. Oh nooooo, another perfume store! Just what I need.

    Can't wait to hear what you think of them - please do a review when you've tried them! :-D

  2. Agh! It only lets me order 6 samples! How did you get so many - did you do more than one order? :-(

  3. I'm slowly going through all the scents and will review them once I've tried them all.

    Maybe email Nancy and ask if you can order more samples. I just placed one order, but that was just after they'd opened so maybe the policy has changed?

  4. Lol, six is probably enough to start with. That's a bit annoying though, I wonder why they've set a limit like that.

  5. Can you get around it by ordering some body lotion samples? That way you'd get to see what the scent is like.

    I'd say that there's a limit as Perfumatory is a 1 person company and making samples up would be time consuming.


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