Friday, 11 March 2016

FFS Friday - Mattress

We've had a bit of a bed saga going on in our house for the last few years. FFS.

When we moved to Bunbury Tiger decided we needed a king sized bed. FFS.

That meant we had two spare queen beds. FFS.

We sold one of the queen bed bases, so we were left with two queen mattresses and one base.

When we moved we shifted Chai from the cot to his own bed. We put him into the queen sized bed however Tiger decided that we'd get Chai a new bed. FFS.

Instead of buying Chai a queen bed base and using the mattress that we already had (like I wanted him to), he bought a double bed. FFS.

I already had a whole pile of linen for the queen bed and refused to buy new linen for the double bed, so used the queen linen instead. 

Chai still won't sleep on his own so when Tiger is away I sleep in Chai's bed. At first that worked okay, but I found that when Eljay came in to the bed too it was too small. FFS.

We swapped the queen bed from the spare room for Chai's bed and put the double bed in the spare room. 

We still had the queen mattress laying around. FFS.

Somewhere along the way Tiger bought a king single base, I have no idea why. FFS.

So that gave us two queen mattresses, a king single base, a queen base, a double base and mattress. FFS.

Tiger went out and bought a king single mattress. FFS.

The king single went into the junk room, then he decided to sell the double bed and mattress. FFS.

That meant we had the queen bed in Chai's room, the king single in the junk room and the queen mattress on the floor in the spare room. FFS.

Tiger's parents come to stay every month. His dad is disabled and can't get onto the floor, so he sleeps in the king single and his mum sleeps on the mattress on the floor. FFS.

Last weekend Tiger's parents were staying and he had a friend coming to stay on the Saturday night as well. We didn't have enough beds for everyone. FFS.

Tiger had know about this for days and done nothing. I kept on asking him where everyone was going to sleep and he'd just say that he didn't know. FFS.

Saturday afternoon he decided to go bed shopping. At 4pm and with no trailer. FFS.

His friend was due to arrive at 5pm. FFS.

He decided on the bed that he wanted to buy at 4.45pm. The shop shut at 5pm. We were in his 4wd so I assumed he'd planned on putting the bed in the back. Nope. FFS.

Silly me had assumed that he'd already thought about how we'd get the bed home but he hadn't. Seriously. Who goes furniture shopping at 4pm on a Saturday, for something you need that night, without any way of getting the item home? Tiger, that's who. FFS.

He pays for the bed then has to arrange a trailer to get it home. FFS.

Not very easy at 4.45pm on a Saturday in the country. FFS.

He had to leave me standing outside the furniture shop, with the bed next to me, whilst he went and found a trailer. FFS.

I was there for 45 minutes. FFS.

Thankfully it wasn't hot and I had my water bottle with me. Not FFS.


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