Friday, 11 July 2014

FFS Friday - It's official, I'm crazy

Yesterday we nearly lost both our children. FFS.

I was convinced they'd been abducted. FFS.

For the first time ever, we left the boys with a non family member whilst we went out. It was lovely being out on our own. Not FFS.

It quickly became apparent that we really shouldn't be left unsupervised. I had cake for lunch then we went shopping and spent lots of money. It was great fun. Not FFS.

When we'd had enough of being alone and wanted our babies back, we went to pick them up and our friends house had disappeared. WTF? FFS.

We drove up and down the street twice but the house wasn't there. FFS.

Around this time it became very clear to me that there had been an elaborate plot to steal both our babies and they'd managed to vapourise the house and abscond with our precious treasures. FFS.

I started to panic. FFS.

I got out my phone and double checked we were in the right street and we were. FFS.

Now what? We were in the right street but the house wasn't there. FFS.

Where the hell had it gone? FFS.

I panicked more. FFS.

I was totally convinced that they'd somehow moved the house and stolen our babies. FFS.

You think I'm joking. I'm not joking. FFS.

This is how my crazy mind works, I truly thought the house had disappeared along with our babies. FFS.

Cause that sort of thing happens all the time. FFS. 

It's hard being me. FFS.

In desperation (the desperation was all me, Tiger was perfectly calm) we retraced our steps and approached the street as if we were coming from our house. Lo and behold, we found the street and the house was still there. Not FFS.

Turns out the street was a Loop, which we would have realised if we'd bothered to read the street name properly. FFS.

Funnily enough, the house and our boys were exactly where we'd left them, happy and unharmed. Not FFS.

I'm still not entirely convinced there isn't someone plotting to steal them. FFS.

That concludes this weeks FFS Friday post. I have other things that can wait till next week, I'm still recovering from the shock of nearly losing my precious babies. 

Also, further proof that I'm totally crazy, I still can't find the FFS Friday link on Sarah's blog, so if you want to read more whinges, click here

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