Monday, 14 March 2011

Samples I've been trialling

Napoleon Dream Cream for face - This smells amazing. So amazing that I'm going to buy it so that I get to use it every day. As far as moisturisation goes, it does a good job, but I want it for the amazing scent.

L'Oreal Matt Morphose foundation - I loved this so much that I went out and bought it. It gives a lovely, matte finish without being drying.

Nivea Young Be Beautiful Tinted Moisturiser - This was nice but nothing amazing. If it was on sale I'd buy it, but it's not a must have product.

Alison Raffaele Face Forward Primer - In the hot summer weather I've been using this in place of a moisturiser and I really like it. It's SPF 15 and contains antioxidants and hexapeptides which encourage collagen production. When I've finished all my primers I'll be buying this.

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