Wednesday, 30 March 2011

P50P update

This is going to be so tough! I knew it when I first decided to do P50P, but I forgot that I wouldn't be wearing lipstick or gloss very often once I went on maternity leave. Since I've been on leave I've hardly worn lipstick or gloss, I usually just wear lip balm.

Speaking of lip balm, I still haven't decided if I should include lip balm in P50P. I've already bought a few lip balms since I started P50P, so if I do include them then I've already fallen off the wagon. If I don't include them P50P will never be over. So I think I'm just going to include them and admit that I've already fallen off the wagon.

With that decided, here's my tally:
Lipsticks finished - zero
Lipglosses finished - one 
Lip balms finished - two 
Three products down forty seven to go. 

The products I finished are: Juicy Tubes Mood (rose flavour), Softlips Chai Latte, Natural Alternative Mediterranean Sweet Orange.


  1. When the baby's asleep, put a face on! You can experiment with some outrageous combinations and just wander around the house feeling all done up, and you'll be getting some use out of products at the same time. :-)

    (I know, that's not practical - I don't think I wore a scrap of makeup for at least the first year of Lily's life...)

  2. I second what Dee said, go crazy with makeup even if you don't plan on leaving the house! My sister is at home most of the time with her lil' one and loves when I go crazy doing makeovers on her, she can be as silly as she wants without people staring at her=)
    I'm making progress on finishing my softlips balm,I'm too chicken to do a p50p so am very impressed at your attempt! good luck
    xx Emma


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