Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Recent Lip Balm Purchases

In celebration of finally finishing the Post and Shame Challenge, I've gone on a bit of a lip balm shopping spree. I've received two of my orders and there are two more on the way from Addicted 2 Lip Balm and Ella Dean on Etsy. I'll post about those orders when they arrive.

My first purchase was from Priceline. I got some of the Paul Frank for Lip Smackers products. They have some amazing flavours and they all taste so good!

My second purchase was from For Goodness Grape on Etsy. Isn't the wrapping cute?  
They have so many lovely flavoured balms, I managed to restrain myself to five.

My last purchase was from Ophelia's Apothecary on Etsy. These balms come in oval shaped tubes. I've never had a balm in an oval tube before.
I really like the oval tubes. They don't roll of my bedside table and once I got used to applying them, they're easy to use. I especially love the packaging, the labels are so pretty. 


  1. That is ALOT of lip balms, either you have more than 1 lip or you reapply every 2 sec. How can you ever finish them?

  2. How exciting! I think you well and truly deserve this treat after all your discipline :)

  3. Val, :). I go through lip balms so fast, I usually finish 1 a month because I have super dry lips.

    Dempeaux, it's so nice to have the challenge over and be able to buy lip balms again.

  4. A few of the Etsy ones I've bought have been oval - maybe it's an American thing. I quite like them, I think they're cute.

    You'll have to do a review of all of these - I'm interested to hear what the Ophelia's Apothercary ones are like.

  5. Dee, I've never seen oval lip balm tubes before, but I like them too.

    I'll be doing reviews of all the products once I've tested them out a bit more. So far I'm totally in love with the Ophelia's Apothecary balms, they smell and taste amazing and are really hydrating.

  6. Yay for Etsy companies! I see a lot of them use the oval containers, and I want to try some one day. :)

  7. So far what i have seen nivea lip balms are best but himalaya balms also work fine. so like that..


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