Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Living Proof: My Frizzy Hair Miracle!

I've always had frizzy hair but this year it's been impossible to tame. I've tried so many different products and nothing worked. Then I was watching the Today Show and saw them talking about an amazing new range of anti frizz products that changed the structure of the hair and eliminated frizz. They said that it wasn't available in Australia however I recognised the packaging as Living Proof so headed straight down to Mecca to pick some up.

If you have frizzy hair you need to try Living Proof's No Frizz range, it's amazing! I initially bought the travel size of everything so that I could test it out and see if it was effective. I've now used up my travel sized products and purchased the full size. This is now the only range of hair care products that I use. I use the shampoo, conditioner, styling cream and styling spray. 

The first time I used the products I noticed that my hair was a lot less frizzy and the longer I've used them the better and less frizzy my hair is. After using the range for six weeks I didn't need to blow dry or straighten my hair to have perfectly straight, frizz free hair. I just wash it, apply the styling cream and let it air dry. Unlike other anti frizz products I've tried I don't need to use the styling cream or spray every day. I use them after I wash my hair and then don't need to use them again until the next time I wash my hair.

How it works: PolyFluro Ester is a smaller molecule than the traditional materials used for frizz control. Due to it's small size it creates a weightless shield on the hair to prevent moisture flux in and out, and it coats the cuticles to reduce friction between fibers. Repeated use improves the hair's ability to resist humidity changes, so No Frizz works better the longer you use it. Due to it's low surface energy the technology repels most other materials like water and oils, translating into a non greasy coating that doesn't attract dirt and other particles. No Frizz is more repellent to dirt and particles than natural hair, as a result you can go longer between shampoos.

Living Proof products are silicone free and smell beautiful. They have products to suit every type of hair. If you aren't sure which products you need either ask the lovely staff at Mecca or do the hair diagnosis on the Living Proof website. I recommend buying the shampoo, conditioner and styling cream. These are the three products that I use the most. I don't use the styling spray as much as I use the cream, although I do like the spray for touch-ups.

Would I buy it again? Yes, this range is the only hair care range I use now, it's my hair miracle.  


  1. WOw this is a really good idea, I will have to go to Mecca and try them out! I don't really have frizzy hair but lately I have been colouring it a lot and I have got a lot of flyaways. Do you tink this would help?

  2. Kimberley, I think it would help. I tend to get a lot of flyaways too as my hair is really fine, and they've been heaps better since I started using Living Proof.

    Another great thing that I forgot to say in my post is that the products aren't heavy so they don't weigh my hair down or make it feel greasy.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful review! Glad to know we have fans all the way in Australia (and that they can provide such great help to their readers!):)

    Kimberly, that's a great question! Our shampoos and conditioners are sulfate-free which makes it perfect for colored hair! In fact, lots of customers have told us that their highlights just pop when they use the formulas! If you have any more questions on what's the right product for you, please let us know!


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