Monday, 2 February 2009

Lola Refine Shine

Being a dry skinned girl I haven't had any use for mattifying products, however in the last few years with the increasing summer humidity, I've been getting a little oily. My first foray into mattifying products was with Lola's Refine Shine anti shine gel. As I'd never used a mattifier before I didn't have high hopes, so wasn't really expecting it to work, which is why I'm surprised to say that this product is amazing! It keeps me shine and oil free all day, with no touch ups required. However, I'm only moderately oily, so I'm not sure how it'd work for those who are super oily.

I use it before make-up as it makes a great primer and keeps my makeup looking fresh and flawless all day. Lola says that Refine Shine helps to tighten pores and soften fine lines. I used a whole tube and didn't find this to be true.

Refine Shine can also be used as a touch up during the day, over the top of make-up, to blot oiliness. The only gripe I have is that I can't get hold of this in Australia anymore, as the shop I used to buy it from has shut, and the only Australian stockist of Lola doesn't have Refine Shine. So now that I've found a great mattifier, I'm on the hunt for another one!


  1. I dislike it when people rave on about a certain product, then you purchase it yourself to try and find it's no better than any other product that is currently out on the disappointing and such a let down.

  2. I agree. But I suppose it's bound to happen cause we all react differently to things. I know I've tried things that my friends rave about, and they've been horrible for me, it's so frustrating.


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