Friday, 6 August 2021

FFS Friday - The bins

Regular readers will know that I've been on a housework strike for years now. I still do housework, but only the bare minimum (which is still a lot). 
I refuse to clean up mess left around the house by anyone other than me (and the pets, they can't clean up after themselves).
Last week I came up with a brilliant idea. I bought three tubs, put Tiger, Chai and Eljay's name on one. Any mess left by them is put into the tub. When I say any mess, I mean any mess, including rubbish.
So far it's working okay. The first night Tiger looked into his tub and asked why there was a pink bag in it. I told him it was because he left the bag lying around. He looked into the bag and told me that it was supposed to go into his car. I told him to put it into his car. He left it by the door, so I put it back into his tub. Eventually they'll get the hang of it. The pink bag is still in his tub.
So far the tubs are bringing me a lot of pleasure. My house is looking tidier and I haven't spent hours cleaning up messes that I didn't create.  
I'd hoped that they would take the things out of their tubs and put them where they're supposed to go, but that was expecting too much. For now I'm just happy that I'm not looking at their mess all the time. 
One day I will get the house sorted out so that it's not full of mess and clutter. It might not be until the day we move out, but it will happen. 
Happy Friday beautiful people. 

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