Wednesday 12 April 2017

Pencil Me In Cosmetics

I'm fussy when it comes to eyeliner. I either want it to be really firm (for tightlining) or really creamy so that I can smudge it along my lash line. If they have an in between texture I don't like them, if they smudge too easily I don't like them and if they take too much effort to apply, I won't use them.

Pencil Me In Cosmetics eyeliners fall in the really firm section. They are wonderfully firm without being scratchy, so perfect for tightlining and lining close to the lash line. 

Pencil Me In eyeliner pencils contain simple ingredients. They are highly concentrated with pigment so pressing hard and repeating the line is not required. The colours are waterproof and last all day. They are also paraben, petroleum and gluten free.

My favourite way to use these is for tightlining or right along the lash line. I draw a line as close to my lashes as I can. Due to the great pigment I don't need to go over the line again and again, one swipe and I'm done. The colours are waterproof and last all day, they only come off when I remove my make-up at the end of the day. 

None of the colours smudge or fade and they even last well on my waterline.

You can purchase Pencil Me In cosmetics from their website. The pencils are $6.99 (USD) each or you can purchase a set of six for $40 (USD).

Note: These products were provided for review. 

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