Tuesday, 16 April 2019

The Lip Oil Series: Lancome Juicy Shakers vs Designer Brands Lavish Lip Oil

Hello and welcome to the third post in my lip oil series.

Next up are two lip oils that are almost identical in appearance but quite different in formula.

Lancome Juicy Shakers came out not long after Juicy Tubes were discontinued. I was hoping they'd be similar but they aren't. 

Juicy Shakers are an interesting concept. The bottle looks like a cocktail shaker with a large sponge tipped applicator. The formula is bi phase so it separates when it's left to sit. Once it's separated it takes a lot of shaking to get the product blended again and ready to use.

Lancome call this a lip oil tint, which is an accurate description. The tint is sheer, one layer gives a light wash of colour, two layers gives stronger colour that's still see through.

Unfortunately this falls short for me. It's not very hydrating and is totally gone from my lips within 15 minutes. 
It smells and tastes great but just doesn't last long enough. I wanted to love it but I don't. For the price point ($39 AUD) it's really not worth buying.

The Designer Brands Lavish Lip Oil was released about six months after Juicy Shakers. They look almost identical. 

Formula wise, they are slightly different. Designer Brands isn't biphase and has no fragrance or flavour.

Lavish Lip Oil feels more like a lip balm than a lip oil, it's quite hydrating. The colour is sheer but buildable. I get about an hours wear before I need to reapply, however my lips feel hydrated for a few hours afterwards. 

At $11.99, these are much cheaper than Juicy Shakers and the formula is better.
Left: Lavish Lip Oil. Right: Juicy Shakers.

As you can see from the swatches above Juicy Shakers are a lot sheerer and runnier than Lavish Lip Oil. 

Frankly, I don't think either of these are a must have, but if you want to get one, my favourite is Lavish Lip Oil.

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